Your hotel room

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Below, we review the steps you should take upon booking and arriving at your hotel room. Shevel himself is immunocompromised, so he understands the importance of keeping yourself safe while traveling during the pandemic.

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How frequently are employees tested? Airbnb, for example, recommends a minimum of 24 hours.

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If hotels are taking the proper precautions, they should be disinfecting using a diffuser that sprays a mist into the air and kills airborne pathogens, as well as cleaning surfaces. For this reason, Your hotel room. Shevel recommends bringing your own diffuser and disinfectant to spray down the hotel room. Before your arrival, you can also ask the hotel to remove unnecessary high-touch items, which pose an added risk of exposure. The cleaning process should begin before you ever hotel room, especially if you flew. What you normally rely on a hotel to provide may not be available this year — and even if it is, the less you touch items that others may have also come into contact with, the better.

Upon entering your room, Dr. Shevel recommends opening the window for ventilation to allow airborne pathogens to escape. Be leery of staying in rooms that are sealed to the outside; having a door or window where you can let in fresh air is ideal during the pandemic. Salib recommends bringing your own disinfectant wipes and starting with high-touch areas and items.

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Turn it into a checklist:. Basically, the less you touch throughout the process, the better. Anything that you cannot avoid touching should be disinfected prior to making any contact. Last but certainly not least, keep scrubbing your hands on the regular. Salib, echoing the mantra of By Skye Sherman November 27, Save Pin FB More. Hotel guest entering room with mask on.

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Your hotel room

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The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Hotel Room During the Pandemic, According to Health Experts