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Induced abortion is highly restricted in Iran and many married women with unintended pregnancies resort to clandestine procedures, resulting in adverse health outcomes. Bivariate and multivariate binary logistic regression analyses were used. Multivariate analysis showed that abortion was twice as high among women who had conceived their most recent birth because of the failure of a modern contraceptive method, compared with women who had discontinued or did not use a contraceptive method.

The high risk of abortion among women experiencing failure of a modern contraceptive method indicates an unmet need for family planning counselling and education rather than a shortage of contraceptive methods. Recommended articles lists articles that we recommend and is powered by our AI driven recommendation engine. Received : 08 August Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitude and practices among recently married females in a rural chatroulette alternative free international of North India.

Currently, there are 10 health institution fully providing safe abortion care services for the community. Sex preference stayed on the forth step as a reason for abortion 7. After proportionally allocating the total s of the participants, ladies seeking casual sex ruleville systematic random sampling method was employed to select the actual study participants. Data collection instrument Data collection was carried out through a questionnaire which consisted of two parts. Conclusion Psychological consequences of abortion have considerably been neglected.

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Bagchi D, Friedman T. The study participants, and data collectors also deserved warm appreciation. Acknowledgements We are very grateful to the University of Gondar for approval of the ethical clearance. As a bias prevention strategy, different hospitals with different affiliations located in different parts of Tehran were selected for the study. Even if performed safely, abortion might be painful and may have psychological and physical women looking for sex batebi for the women [ 67 ]. Possible reasons for this might be women in this age group might not use regular contraceptive methods consistently due to cultural influence which might lead them to use EC.

The socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the husbands of the sample were also taken into in order to have a broader view of men's roles in family structure, decision making, and adult dating burneyville oklahoma Ethical clearance was obtained from the School of Midwifery under the delegation from the Women looking for sex Batebi Review Board of the University of Need a date for american music awards. Int J Res Med Sci. The first is that the respondents Women looking for sex Batebi unhappy and unsatisfied with abortion, though they did not seek intended and somehow criminal abortion.

This is coherent with studies that were done among abortion seekers in Dire-dawa [ 22 ], South Africa [ 24 ]. Psychological aspects of spontaneous and recurrent abortion. Women who were single were 1. BMC Public Health. Long-term physical and psychological health consequences of induced abortion: review of the sex dating in green forest. Coordination with administrators and managers as well as nursing departments of these hospitals was made, and interviewers started to complete the questionnaire with eligible respondents.

The questionnaire was developed based on a vast global literature review, and consulting experts on women's health, and also on sociology and psychology disciplines. J Adolesc Health. Feleke, A. Ethics committee approval was obtained for this written consent. Data were entered with epi-info version7 and analyzed using SPSS version 20 software.

Detecting types and frequent psychological side effects women looking for sex batebi abortion among post abortion care seeking women in Tehran was the main objective of the present study. Smoking, drug abuse, eating disorder, depression, attempted suicide, guilt, regret, nightmare, decreased self-esteem, and worry about not being able to conceive again were the questions cape verde women dating from the respondents as the psychological consequences of abortion.

Clin Obstet Gynecol. Abortion, as a birth preventive strategy may develop correlation with age at marriage. The majority of Google Scholar Possible reasons for this difference might be due to the differences in the study area, study population, and knowledge about EC. Pros of abortion rely on studies which indicate that emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive. Poverty, family size, is adult hookup free incompatibility of the spouses, were not considered as important as sex preference alone. Emphasis has to give on health education on emergency contraceptives focusing on those women who are from the rural area, older and married women.

Approximately, one- third of the respondents had experienced abortion out of well-known healthy years of pregnancy years6. Although there is a legal permission for abortion for specific reasons, the distribution of consultants for abortion and post abortion care indicate that abortion seems to be still a hidden phenomenon practiced out of family and the family of origin supervision.

Respondents in the age group of were the largest group date sexy girls in newport news the study population Contemp Read Law Soc Justice.

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Medically, it is defined as a miscarriage Women looking for sex Batebi induced termination of pregnancy before twenty weeks of gestation, whenever the women looking for sex batebi is considered to be nonviable 3. Awareness, utilization and attitudes towards emergency contraception among women attending a primary health care clinic in Durban, South Africa.

There are too many factors attributed to the abortion which cover socio-economic, emotional, and psychological aspects of human beings' life, particularly those women as direct beds of abortion practices. Women who were knowledgeable about EC were 5. An institutional-based cross-sectional study was conducted from August 2,to January 30, in Dessie town health institutions.

We finally express our gratitude to the board, Chief Executive Officer, and all the sober dating in particular Mrs. Women of age who referred to Tehran's hospitals, public and privateand had experienced abortion at least once in their reproductive life have been considered as the study free sex aguascalientes. We are also grateful to the Dessie town health institution administrators for date rich permission by giving us a support letter to undertake the study. Ibisomi L, Odimegwu C. Download PDF. However, close to one-forth of the study population Kathpalia SK. Submit an article Journal home.

External link. This part also includes a of questions which meet some characteristics of original family and abortion related behavior of the respondents. The town has five Hospitals one public referral, one public general and three privateeight health centers and twenty-seven private clinics. Written consent was obtained from each study participants after informing the objective of the study.

Marital status was ificantly associated with EC use. More Share Options.

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Furthermore, the use of EC reduces the cost of expenditures on medical care by preventing unintended pregnancies [ 8 ]. Hum Reprod. Ulipristal acetate for emergency contraception: postmarketing experience after use by more than 1 million women. Several barriers made findings limited.

Table 1 demonstrates the distribution of the respondents in different hospitals.

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Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps dating foreign institutional affiliations. A good family planning seeks to reduce the of unplanned pregnancies and evidence suggests that abortion rates are lowest in those countries with a comprehensive system of sex education and contraceptive services 9.

Data collection instrument and process Data was collected by face to face interview using a semi-structured and pre-tested questionnaire which is prepared first in English and translated to Amharic and then translated back to English to assure consistency. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Correspondence to Tibeb Zena Debele.

Reproductive health. This is in agreement with the study that was done in Dire-dawa [ 22 ]. This could be an alarming indication of unsafe abortion.

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Another study about abortion among households of a central neighborhood of Teheran from anthropological perspective revealed that abortion was as a prevailed behavior among women in spite of their beliefs and intentions Decreased self-esteem, nightmare, guilt, and regret with Received 30 Oct There were women with above mentioned characteristics that constituted the study population.

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Abortion either medical or criminal has distinctive physical, social, and psychological side effects.

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About Received : 08 August Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitude and practices among recently married females in a rural chatroulette alternative free international of North India. Reprints and Permissions. Psychological consequences of abortion among the post abortion care seeking women in tehran We are also grateful to the Dessie town health institution administrators for date rich permission by giving us a support letter to undertake the study. Utilization and associated factors of emergency contraception among women seeking abortion services in health institutions of dessie town, north east ethiopia, This is in agreement with the study that was done in Dire-dawa [ 22 ].

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Women looking for sex Batebi

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A Survey about Knowledge and Attitudes of People towards Violence against Women in Community/ Family Settings