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UaspeL, L L. Haspel, Akron Davis. Commission Merchants. I ache. First-Class in every rcpo. True to the Pricciple of tbe Party, it solicit the patronage of its adherents. The Weekly States. Best family paper published South. It contain all the news of the world. Purely Democratic, Read its ringing editorials. Specimen copy free. IrS liberal ad ranees nada on con-taenia. Besides giving the news of the world in a condensed form, THE ITEM takes the leed in a'l Industrial matters, and is the only daily paper in the world that makes a special feature of the sugar ii.

All agricultural matters are full? Hew Kos. Louis Street, N'ew Orleans. Anthony Suaibula, fcth Ward, Orleans. Pakish IJFritrsr. John Uynwnd. Allrt Kstopinal, Jr. Civil Tf. JpT Tr. Tarisii Officers. Frank C. Meyers, Sheriff and ex-Offi-cio Tax Collector. Alberti, Clerk Court, ex-Offi-cia Bccorder. Hays, Coroner. M irk Cognovitch, Assessor. Residence and Office Point--l-nch. A ValuaWe Booh of s, illns trated, containing knowledge of how to treat and cure disease, prolong life sind promote happiness. Sent by mail, poot- paid, on receipt of Price, 60c.

TIip pmcri-p of carrylns lwibis on biry-h-s, in rapp or imskcts attaclM-d to tli hnnill bnrs. Physicians say.

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The Uliuois Hn mano SK-i'ty- is tryins to pnt an end to the practiee by iuvokiiip a Plate law which ltmhibUa 11h exposure of children in ttanpprous jnwiitions. The appll-patkn of tlH law is diHibtfnl. Jf possible, both for the take cf the children tod the oervor.

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The European Economist publish? The average increase was Some states hare advanced preatly. For example. Russia added ,Suo to her existing population; Germany, 4. G0O; Austro-ilunsary, 3. Polly and I. HOUGH looking man? Ycb, perhaps I am. Wc ain't all of us responsible for our cnt- pide Lusk, no wore than a horse chestnut or a hazelnut is.

The kind of lilo I lead cun't be lived in wtite kid gloves Hnd dress coats. I wasn't brought up with many advantage? Old Jones was telling you ubout me, was he, sir? There's more profitable subjects of conversation than I am.

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Oh, you needn't beg my pardon, sir I 1 don't pind talking about it now, though the time was when I couldn't speak of it without a big lump coming in my throat. We hadn't been married lonr, Tolly and I, when it happened. Tolly was as trim and bright eyed a slip of a girl as ever you'd wish to ere.

She was one of the waitresses in the Albany lunch room; auJ the Crfttimo I ever set eyes npon her I ma le up my mind to make that girl my wife. So, when they raised my wages, I took heart and asked her if she would have them with me, with a wedding rin thrown into the bargain. I've no living relative to adviso me, eo I can only take counsel with my heart. I rented a little one-fctory house, under the hill out he height that overlooked the Hud-Eon a co6oy place, with a good sized wood pile at the rear, for winter mean: winter in those parts, and the Enow used to be drifted up even with our dooryard fence many and many a cold gray morning.

And everything went smooth until Tolly began to object to my mates at the White Black bird, and the Saturday evenings I Epent with the boys, alter my train was safely run on the sidetrack at the junction, "W hy, Tolly, girl," eaid I,"where's the harm? A man can't live by him self like an oyster in its sneii, and a social gliss never yet harmed any one.

And if yon would only put every five cent piece that yon spent for liquor into our lit tle Bertie a tiny savings bank "Pshaw! And no one likes to be preached to by his wife, Polly. Eemember that, my g:rl, and you'll save yourself deal of trouble. It was a sore point between what the politicians call a vexed ques tion. I felt that Polly was always watching me ; and I didn t wish to be put in leading strings by a woman.

So I shame to say it 1 went to the White Blackbird oftener than ever, and I didn't often count the glasses of beer that I drank, and once or twice. And Tollv cried, and I lost my temper, and well, I don't like to think of all these things now. Thank goodness, they are over and gone. That afternoon, as I stood on the back platform of my car, with my arms folded and my eyes fixed on the Enowy waste cf fiat fields through which the iron track seemed to extend itself like an endless black serpent, I looked my own life in the face.

I will give the whole thing np. I'll draw tbe line just here now. We rball be oSf duty early to-night. Wa were belated by the enow which collected oa the rilav and when we reached Esrldale thert i a littl cirl, who had bees sent oa ia the care of the conductor, who most waii either three or four hours for a way tram in the cold and cheerless station, o? Aad when I bad left her rnfo in charge of her nai:t I saw by the old kitchen time piece tunt it was ten o clock. I went around to the front. Here I sflected an entrant-e, but the fire was dying on the hearth, and little Bertie, tucked up in his crir, cnlled out: "Tapa, is that you?

I asked, looking CRgerly around nt tho desolate room. Blruck eleven as I hurried down the hill. Lleven and who knew what a length of time might Woman looking nsa Pointe A La Hache Louisiana befero I could find her?

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And like a fiery phantasma goria before my mind's eye, I beheld tho wild rush of the midnight express. For all that I could realize was that the storm was growing fiercer with every moment, and Tolly and the baby were out in its fury I as steaauy as l couIJ l worfcea my way down the track, but more than once I became bewildered and had to stop and recollect before I could re 6ume my quest. And at length I came out by an open wood and water station on the edge of track, I knew that I was full half a mile below the White Blackbird.

And in the distance I heard the long, shrill shrieK of the midnight tram. I gasped, - "And I thought, perhaps," she ad ded, vacantly, "you might have met him. It's very cold here, and and '! And then she fainttd in my arms. The long, long brain fever that fol lowed was a sort of death.

There was a time when they told me she would never know me again ; but, thank God! She recovered at last. And since that night I have never tasted a drop of liquor, and, please heaven, I never will again. The baby bless its dear littte heart!

Woman looking nsa Pointe A La Hache Louisiana

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