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Please refresh the and retry. D id you know that marks a quarter of a century since the first commercially available webcam, the Connectix QuickCam, first launched? Since then, devices for streaming your face live onto the internet for communication with other people across the globe have gone through Webcam can lead to profound changes. At the turn of the century, manufacturers started Webcam can lead to webcams directly into computer hardware, which means that today, a built-in webcam is an expectation not a feature when you come to buy a laptop for everyday use.

As a result, plug-in external webcams have almost entirely become a thing of the past, mostly just used by business folk who need a good quality camera for conducting meetings remotely. The last major player in the game is Logitech, who make practically all of the webcams available. At a higher level in business and moving into AI, VR and AR worlds webcams can be a powerful tool to maximise your work load. T he Razer Kiyo is marketed as a gaming webcam — but don't be put off. The white ring is a light which can be manually adjusted to the desired brightness setting. Accoutrements aside, the Kiyo is fundamentally a really good camera.

The quality is excellent, capable of p Full HD. It streams at 60 frames per second, twice the frame rate of any of the other cameras on this list, ensuring the video looks buttery smooth at all times. T he microphone is also fantastic, probably the best one on this list, able to pick up every word I whispered from a few metres away clearly. Overall, during testing, the Kiyo proved itself to be the best option on the market — and at a very reasonable price point.

Buy now. G iven how futuristic and decidedly 'different' Facebook tries to be, it's somewhat surprising that it is the company which wants to bring back webcams into the mainstream. And yet, here we are with the Facebook Portal, a webcam for the 21st Century. It's worth saying here that the Facebook Portal is a bit of a different proposition than the standard webcam in that it comes either as a standalone unit Facebook Portal Mini which looks a bit like a digital photo frame, or a webcam which plugs into your television Facebook Portal TVrather than your computer.

Because these products are so different to the average webcam, I've reviewed them separately here. However, to summarise. The key gimmick behind Facebook Portal is the camera which tracks you as you move around the room. The benefit of this is that you can moved around without having to worry whether the camera can see you.

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This makes it ideal if you're busy cooking or exercising while someone wants to video-chat. It's also great for video-calling larger households as the cameras automatically pan and zoom to make sure everyone fits in the frame at all times. T he camera quality is top notch and considering the devices link directly to your Facebookyou have a list of contacts built in.

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If you still need more on top of that, you can connect it to WhatsApp and video-call anyone from on there. The wide angle lens also helps here — it was broad enough to Webcam can lead to most of my desk in the shot see the bottom of this article for comparative pictures. W hen it comes to the best webcams out there, the Logitech C HD is something of a legend. The best feature of the C HD is the microphone. The effect worked so well my partner described it as feeling eerily like I was in the room with him when I video-called him using the webcam.

The biggest negative I can say about the C HD is that the flicker reduction is poor, especially when filming in the dark, so probably not ideal for those who will be up video-calling late into the evening. What we like about it: Everything we enjoyed about the C but with better image quality - albeit it a higher price. T he upgraded version of the C is practically exactly the same in basically all ways that count. However, it does have two major benefits. Firstly, the flicker reduction actually works on this one and the auto-focus is a bit better.

Secondly, this edition has high dynamic range, meaning that colours are more vibrant and closer to their natural hues. B uy now. O h Huddly, my sweet little Huddly, how I wanted Webcam can lead to like you. And underpowered. Let's start with the positives. This neat little metallic box fits in the palm of ones hand and weighs just g. Its camera is also really solid: 16 megapixels, capable of recording HD ready p content, with some nice dynamic lighting features to boot. The big selling point of the camera is its huge wide-angle viewing field: degrees horizontally, which is bags of room to fit as many people in the shot as you like.

It was clearly deed for a business setting where large groups of people will be sitting at a conference table. In that setting, this camera is probably perfect - but it does have some major deficiencies. It also comes with an app which allows you to control the angle of the camera lens from your computer.

Double oops. That one comes with intelligent framing, so the camera is able to follow the action around the room, if one member of your board meeting likes to get up and wander around the conference table while talking. And it has a microphone.

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Polycom is a company based around communication, so it should come as no surprise that the EagleEye Mini is optimised for teleconferencing. In particular, the microphone is excellent and should be more than capable of handling anything your business meeting might be able to throw at it. The camera quality itself is serviceable but certainly not as far up there with the rest of the truly top quality cameras. Colours kind of bleed together and everything looks just that slight bit blurry.

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This one feels a bit tougher and more rugged than some of the other cameras on this list, so it should be able to survive anything that little ones can throw at it or throw it at. The HD visuals are fine but pale in comparison to others on this list. Given you can get the ificantly superior Logitech Ce for less, I have to wonder who would buy this device. Even so, if your sprog has been bugging you for a webcam and you see this one being sold at a discount, it might be worth a punt.

Despite all the webcams on this list being capable of at least HD quality, each has various different ways of managing light, flicker reduction, and HDR capabilities, as well as very different fields of vision.

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As a point of comparison I took screenshots of the view from my desk, taken on the same computer positioned in the same place with each webcam plugged in. P robably the biggest group of people buying external plug-in webcams are business users who need Webcam can lead to use telecommunications facilities to hold video-conferences to attend meetings while working remotely.

A nother group of webcam users are YouTubers and other video diarists who use webcams to record themselves. And, of course, webcams are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family who are far away. Just like a video camera, in that it takes lots of pictures in quick succession and puts them together to give the impression of a moving image. Software on the computer streams these images onto the internet to be shared with any programmes that need it. Oh, not safe at all. Put it this way, in a photo was released of Mark Zuckerberg in the Facebook offices which revealed he puts masking tape over his webcam to stop people seeing him.

The process of camfecting camera infecting is usually done via Trojan horse software. Essentially this means you download something like a movie, song, or game, and hidden inside that is some nefarious software which installs itself onto your computer without you noticing, allowing a hacker easy access to your computer systems.

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Telegraph Lifestyle Recommended Tech. If you are looking to order a product today, the following items are all available to buy on the link given Buy now 2. Buy now 3. All in all, a great product. B uy now 6. Buy now 7. Buy now Image comparison Despite all the webcams on this list being capable of at least HD quality, each has various different ways of managing light, flicker reduction, and HDR capabilities, as well as very different fields of vision.

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