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In the case of Angie and Tonya Rolando, they share a last name, but they are not married and want the right. The other plaintiffs seek to have their marriages from other states legally recognized in Montana. Across the country, federal courts are ruling there are no sound reasons to deny same sex couples the freedom to marry. At the same time, public support for marriage equality is growing.

Every couple should have the freedom to marry and to have the legal protections to care for one another that marriage provides. By being plaintiffs in this case we are showing him his mommies will stand up for what is right and stand up for him.

She and Tonya met playing on the same softball team in Pretty sure it was the universe connecting us. Tonya, 33 and Angie, 37, have been together ever since. Angie has a 16 year-old son from a marriage, and Tonya has a 10 year-old son from a marriage.

But they would like to get married to have that love and commitment legally recognized.

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Beyond the protections it would provide them, they believe marriage equality is a fundamental human right. In they entered into a civil union in Chicago, and they were married on the Big Island of Hawaii in January Same-sex marriages were so new to Hawaii that the courts available to perform them were limited. Ben, 30, was born and raised in Minnesota but spent summers and winters with his mom in Montana. Ben attended the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and then moved to Bozeman in and works for a Chicago-based marketing firm.

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Chase, 29, was born in Great Falls and graduated from high school in Charlo. He attended Montana State University and has worked for Costco for the past 10 years where he is now a member of management. The couple enjoys hiking, camping, great food and travel. Shauna, 43, and Nicole, 35, live in Billings with their beautiful red-headed 1 year-old son, Aden.

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Both are nurses and have been together for 11 years. When they were living in Wyoming, Shauna and Nicole drove to Iowa to get married because at the time it was the closest place where marriage equality was legal. When they returned to Cody they had a large reception with family and friends featuring karaoke and Chinese food from a local restaurant. Family means a lot to this couple. Even before Aden, Shauna dressed up like Santa to leave presents for the children in their extended family. At Easter the two dress up like the Easter Bunny and hide eggs for the whole family.

Sue and Adel have been a couple for 16 years. They live in Helena, where Sue is retired from the U. From that point on, however, it became quickly evident that they were meant to be together.

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Adel recounts that shortly after that tournament she went on a backpacking trip with friends in Utah. After a hour drive home to Butte, she could have collapsed but only wanted to drive one more hour to see Sue in Helena. Adel, 44, and Sue, 49, married earlier this year in Washington State and are hosting a celebration of their vows with family and friends this October in Helena. Still, they want their marriage to be recognized by the State of Montana. Sue, who served 28 years in the Army, agrees. Marriage for Montana. Facebook Twitter Reddit Print.

Committed and loving gay and lesbian couples want to make a promise in front of family and friends to love and care for one another.

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Like opposite sex couples, marriage is the way to commit to a lifetime together — the ups and downs, the good and bad. Tonya and Angie show their Montana pride. Chase Weinhandl and Ben Milano enjoying Montana's wild country. Shauna, Nicole and their son Aden. Stay informed!

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Top ten sex wife in Great Falls Montana wi

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