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Seeing as how I spent much of the night decrying everything that annoyed the hell out of me about dating and relationships, people really expected me to have a laundry list of negativity to rant about regarding first dates. Here are the four major advantages to meeting up for a pre-date before committing to an actual date. Chemistry checks are crucial.

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While you may be able to type funny and witty banter with a random avatar, meeting someone in person and having things click immediately is not a given. Traditional dates, where party A and party B agree to an extended interaction i. But in our modern dating scene, that is simply not a good idea. If you meet up at a local coffee shop, and the conversation becomes stilted Pre dating filled with awkward silence, just pick up your latte and be on your way. Verifying looks is important. When it comes to dating, no human being on Earth should try to force themselves to see past not being attracted to someone.

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These apps come with all kinds of filters and special effects that are aimed at making a person look far different than how they appear on a daily basis. If you find yourself sitting at a dinner table across from someone who used a cute grad photo, but aged like Brett Farve, you can get up and be on your way. Efficient dating is necessary.

Traditional dates require time, money, and effort, all of which the right person deserves. Old-hat traditional dating is cool in terms of wining and dining someone you have reasonable knowledge of, but if you have no damn idea who they are, that should be a privilege as opposed to an expectation. The advantage of the pre-date is that you save yourself from putting useful energy into a useless situation.

Once you realize that this is not the person for you, you can stand up and be on your way. This one is huge. Meeting someone off of an app or an online dating site still has a certain amount of unknown danger. In Pre dating traditional dating setup, a man would pick a woman up from her home, drive her in his car to the location of their date, and then proceed to spend the next few hours together.

The advantage of the pre-date is that you would meet up at a mutually agreed upon location at a public place you are both familiar with. Limiting your exposure to risk is simply a reality we all must confront when it comes to online dating. While online dating may not be the move for everyone, it definitely has undeniable advantages. JET Love.

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What is pre-dating - and should you be doing it?