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Gay and bisexual men and bisexual women in Montana are more likely to be receiving mental health treatment. Further, gay men and bisexual women are more likely than heterosexual men and women, respectively, to have undergone a recent mental health assessment. Gay men are also more likely than heterosexual men to have recently been in a psychiatric hospital or facility.

LGBT men and women report higher rates of mental health diagnoses and current mental health prescription medications compared to heterosexual clients. Specifically, 65 percent of gay men and 61 percent of bisexual men have reported mental health diagnoses, while only 27 percent of heterosexual men have had a prior mental health diagnosis. Among women, 51 percent of lesbian women and 56 percent of bisexual women have had prior mental health diagnoses, while only 38 percent of heterosexual women report having a mental health diagnosis.

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For men, 49 percent of gay men and 36 percent of bisexual men take prescribed medications for mental health, while only 14 percent of heterosexual men take these medications. Among women, 33 percent of lesbian women and 32 percent of bisexual women take mental health medications, while only 22 percent of heterosexual women take these medications.

Specialized substance abuse treatment programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT individuals are limited.

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The services offered in these programs are proven to be especially helpful and effective for LGBT individuals. Many researchers have suggested that LGBT-specific substance abuse programs have better treatment outcomes Montana bisexual couple LGBT individuals than mainstream treatment programs. LGBT individuals have been said to have much higher rates of substance abuse than their heterosexual counterparts. They also face discrimination, prejudice, negative attitudes and behavior, and unique life experiences that differ from the majority populous which lead to their unique needs in substance abuse treatment.

Asking about sexual orientation in Montana centers is accomplished in a manner that facilitates healthy and supportive provider-client dialogue. For example, providers should not confuse LGB orientation with pathology, or infer the presence of pathology given a LGB client's sexual orientation.

If you are a LGBT person in Montana and are struggling with addiction, any of the numerous centers will help you deal with your problem. All you need do is make a call. Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services.

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Benzodiazepines Detoxification. Methamphetamines Detoxification. Partial Hospitalization Or Day Treatment. Multi Setting Mental Health Facility. Residential Treatment Center For Children.

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Inpatient Treatment Center For Adults. Services For The Hearing Impaired. Let us assist you in getting help for you or your family member. Call now and find out if treatment is right for you. If you need help finding treatment, call What to Expect from LGBT Drug Rehab Asking about sexual orientation in Montana centers is accomplished in a manner that facilitates healthy and supportive provider-client dialogue.

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Montana Drug Rehabs by Type:. Montana Primary Care Services. Montana Treatment Approaches. Montana Service Settings. Montana Accepted Payment Types. Montana Special Programs Offered. Montana Language Services.

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Organizations We Support. Find Local Treatment Centers. Most Insurances Accepted. Home Terms Privacy About us. All Rights Reserved. Addiction Rehab Help-Line

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