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The year-old Gymnasium student, who came to Berlin from Syria as a refugee five years ago, dresses flawlessly — her hijab always matches her clothes, her make-up and nails are impeccable. Last year, she started attending a Quran school.

About five months ago, one of her classmates introduced Hamsa to her older brother, year-old Mohammed. Hamsa immediately told her parents that she would like to date him. We have met his family since and we all agreed to proceed further.

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We were really not forcing that she would have to marry someone we introduce to her. Hamsa and Mohammed are allowed to meet in public with no chaperone around — something strictly religious families would not allow — because her family says they trust them.

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In private, Hamsa admits that they have already gone further than what would be halal, but nothing serious. We even kissed once. For Muslims in Berlin, the world of dating is gradually changing. Feminist activism and the rise of dating apps have brought about a degree of liberalisation. And living in Berlin, one of the hippest cities of the world, shows that every form of lifestyle is possible — and nobody stands alone with their thoughts, and nobody has to feel like they are betraying their traditions.

Damla and her husband Sertac came to Germany almost 40 years ago when he got a construction job at a railway company. They vowed to maintain their traditions and strict rules in their Berlin lives, and they have expected the same from their family as well. My husband was looking out for the best matches for our children. The matches are usually set up by the families of the bride and groom based on compatibility in status, finance and values.

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This way, a marriage is more likely to last than when it is based on young love and lust only — or so they say. In reality, however, more and more young Muslims are looking for a way out of these old traditions, and there are now several organisations offering help to runaway brides. No touching or kissing; no un-chaperoned meetings; no inappropriate text messages; the families need to be involved at every step while the two young people are getting to know each other. Legally, women can go to a safe house or to a home for underage girls to escape their families and marriages, she says.

We specifically chose him in order to have a piece of paper with the name of a man who is an imam from Egypt and would be recognised within a patriarchal family. In order for things to change, she adds, people have to come out of hiding.

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They are travelling to different districts in the city to avoid meeting anyone they know. I keep repeating that everyone should watch West Side Story to understand how it is for young Muslim women and men to date. Here and all over the world, dating apps created specifically for Muslims are becoming more and more popular: the top three are Muslima, Salams and muzmatch. UK-based muzmatch currently has over four million users from countries; Germany is its fifth biggest market, with overregistered.

According to muzmatch,weddings have occurred thanks to their services to date. For Khaled, a year-old Lebanese chef, Muslim dating apps have been a godsend. He is from a religious family and while he no longer prays multiple times a day or visits a mosque regularly, he still says Islamic values are important to him.

Khaled is looking for more than a hand to hold or a peck on the cheek. He welcomes the changing dating scene around him, including the fact that more and more liberated Muslim women are not afraid to date and even have sex with partners outside of marriage. What about the chemistry?

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Online dating has experienced a boom in Muslim communities across the globe. Muzmatch boasts overusers in Germany alone. But muzmatch is not at all deed for casual hook-ups, Sara Shah, a representative for the app, insists, stressing that it helps Muslims to find partners for life.

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The ultimate goal is marriage! The company, founded by Shahzad Younas inis very popular and has even earned the approval of more conservative Muslims because of its strong privacy settings, including an option allowing the member to blur their image for greater safety. Keeping things halal is our slogan and we stick to these values, and reinforce that message throughout all of our features.

Over a two-week period in Marchdownlo of the app globally surged by 45 percent. And the idea of getting physical with a potential partner before fully committing is anathema to matriarchs like Damla. Yes, I agree the sentence is weird, but it also reflects weird essentialist attitudes that I have come across in Germany.

Would anyone think to write: "There is no civil marriage in Christian culture"? Looking for a life partner berlin only as marriage is allowed in Islamic law marriage is basically a contract in Islamic law and one that can be annulledso is divorce. Finally don't call me a "Muslima" just because my religion happens to be Islam. Do we identify bio-Germans primarily through their religious identification? And people get divorced all the time in Turkey. Is Turkey not a country where the majority of people profess Islam? Then how can one make such a broad statement, "there is no civil marriage in Islamic culture"?

The understanding of Islam in Germany is very very weird. Civil and religious marriage are distinct, although in Christian cultures, they often happen at the same time. In Catholicism, for example, if you get married in a church, you typically get civilly and religiously married in the same ceremony. However, if you ultimately decide to get a civil divorce, the Catholic Church will not recognize it — the rule is "once married in the eyes of God always married". No Catholic priest will marry you for a second time unless you had your first religious marriage annulled. You are of course free to remarry in a civil ceremony after divorce.

To come back to the sentence in this article, I p something similar applies in Islam — i. But it is quite unclear Rosa C 85 days ago. Back to Search. Comments 3 Comment Feed more on the sentence is weird Yes, I agree the sentence is weird, but it also reflects weird essentialist attitudes that I have come across in Germany.

It's the sentence that is weird Civil and religious marriage are distinct, although in Christian cultures, they often happen at the same time.

Looking for a life partner berlin only

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