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Teaching in the United States was once considered a career for men. As schoolhouse doors opened to children of all social classes and genders, so too did the education profession. These changes also prompted the reverse—albeit to a lesser extent: The of men seeking classroom careers rose and has grown by 31 percent since the early s.

Yet despite this, the gender distribution in the profession has strangely grown more imbalancedaccording to recently released data, largely because women are still pursuing teaching at far greater rates than men. During the —81 school year, roughly two in three—67 percent—public-school teachers were women; by the —16 school year, the share of women teachers had grown to more than three in four, at 76 percent.

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From tothe size of the teaching force increased by more than 60 percent, from about 2. Ingersoll and his research team highlight the rising proportion of women who are, for example, physicians from 10 percent in to 40 percent inaccording to Bureau of Labor Statistics data and federal surveyslawyers from 4 percent to 37 percent over the same time periodand pharmacists 13 percent to 63 percent.

Other research shows that fewer female college students are seeking teaching degrees: In the late s, roughly a third of the women enrolled in U. What explains these contradictory trends? Much of it comes down to misunderstandings of what teaching entails and how those assumptions intersect with gender norms.

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Unlike in many other countries, in the United States, teaching has long been seen as a relatively low-status profession. On the one hand, survey participants in the United States gave teachers a middling ranking, and tended to liken them to librarians; respondents in countries such as China and Malaysia, on the other hand, put teachers in first place, analogizing them to doctors. Read: Let women teach. This cultural disregard for teaching has a gendered consequence: The status of a given career tends to correlate with the share of men in that profession—higher status equals more men, generally speaking.

And that has its own consequence: Research has found that employers place less value on work done by women than on that done by men. These trends reinforce each other in perpetuity. Within a given field, the more prestigious positions attract more men. Notably, close to half of all principals today, including two-thirds of those serving high schools, are men, as are more than three-quarters of school-district superintendents.

Prestige is not a merely notional idea, as it tends to correlate tightly with compensation. Teachers overall tend to have pretty meager salaries. Mothers, for instance, are more likely now than ever before to desire employment, yet still tend to bear most of the child-rearing responsibilities. The school day tends to end two or so hours before that of typical American workers.

A 9-to-5 workday, as Kara Voght has reported for The Atlanticcreates a challenge for parents who have to coordinate and pay for child care or leave their kids unsupervised during that time gap. Looking 4 a woman teacher effect of the gender imbalance could be that younger students have fewer opportunities to interact with positive male role models.

Public Schools art and French teacher.

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He said the black male teachers he had as of immigrants in Chicago motivated him to embrace his passion for art and become a teacher himself. But men who do this work might confront wariness about their abilities, or suspicions about their intentions for working with young children. A pay bump could in theory spur a virtuous cycle in which greater representation of men in the profession could slowly shift perception, which Ingersoll in suggested to The New York Times could then beget even greater representation.

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That said, some research suggests that pay hikes will only go so far in boosting the share of male teachers— attitudes about caregiving will need to changetoo. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword.

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Looking 4 a woman teacher

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The U.S. Teaching Population Is Getting Bigger, and More Female