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Learn more. Drug stores do not han dle these things in sufficient quantity toenable you to buy in large quantities at reasonable prices, and you do not want them in the concentrated form that some of these matters are sold in the drug stores. The fertilizer mann facturers will tell you that, with their improved machinery, they can mix the fertilizers more cheaply than you can.

They will charge you more for the mixing than you can mix them for yourself. It has been found that the elements of plant food most generally lacking in soils that have long been cultivated in farm crops are nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. While there are other things essential to plant growth, it is found that all of our cultivated soils have enough of these things for all purposes of plant food.

Lime, for instance, Is essential to the growth of plants, but almost any arable soil con tains plenty of lime for all the purpo eas of plant food direct, and yet we Sad that it is useful at times to add some fresh lime to act as a reagent, that is, to make some other things like the nitrogen available for plant food, and for improving the mechanical con dition of our soil.

But while time is a useful thing in a soil that is properly cultivated in a rotation with peas and clover, and has a store of vegetable enatter in it for the lime to act upon, lime is not a fertilizer in the sense that It can be used on a dead poor soil to encourage the growth of plants. The true fertilizing agents needed are combinations in which nitro gen, phosphorus ; and potash are found in a shape in which plants ean make use of Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus.

If you have read the former articles in this series you will notice that for the general farm crops I have not recommended the use of nitrogen. This is because we can by means of growing cow peas and clover get our nitrogen from the air in sufficient amount for most farm crops.

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Until we have stored in or soil eonsiderable amounts of decayed vege table matter by the use of these crops it may pay to use some nitrogen. But we should as rapidly as possible get our soil into condition to save this expense, for the nitrogen in a fertilizer is by far the most I expensive part of it, costing three 1 times what the potash costa. We can get nitrogen by the use of I cotton-seed meal, in which it is found, I In the form of ammonia to the extent of about seven per cent. We can also get it in the dried blood from the large 1 slaughterhouses.

This lhatform gives es the nitrogen in the most readily available form for the use of plants.

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But it is well to have in our fertilizer at the same time some of the organic ammonia like that in cotton-seed meal, as it lasts longer in the soil. The best form in which we can get the phos- 1 -phorous is in the shape of dissolved phosphatic rock, known acid phosphate, in which the phosphorus is found as phosphoric aid. This is made in large quantities in South Carolina and elsewhere. The best form in which we get potash is in the various salts of potash that are Im ported from Germany.

It is best toget these Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus the conoentrated form of amrriate and sulphate of potash, rather than freight a lot of heavy salt that is of no use in the crude article. All these fertilizer ingredients you caa get by the ton from dealers in fertilizers It all the large Atlantie cities and else where. The prices vary acoording to the distance inland for the acid phos phate and potash salts and nitrate of aeds, as all are either made on the sea board or imported from abroad.

By purchasing these ingredientsseparately and mixing them at horne, you can make a ton of fertilizer, containing the three elements in due proportion as desired for various crops, for from five dollars to ten dollars less per ton than the manufacturers will sell it to you, and you will know just what Iyou hae. A good, complete fertiliser-that is, one that contains all the three desurable elements of plant food-ca be made as follows: lbs. Leave out the nitrate of soda ,and the cottonseed meal from this, and you have a perfect manure for the en.

If thle pigs are far rowed weak and lditsaasnno amount of care and fe. In the first Ilac', tIh hlar should be pretty well dleveil,i3,41 lht should he 10 or 12 nollths o1,1d Itfore allowing him to serve a,e, astnd then the first few servld,'o shuhlI he several days apart. Feed good, healthy food, not too much corn; ground oats and ground wheat make a splendid food.

Most breeders are very apt to make the mistake of feeding too much corn, simply from the fact that it is more convenient to thr-ow a few ears of corn to the boar than it is to prepare a ration of more muscle-forming substances. Corn is very good in its place, but when fed alone to breeding swine it is likely to work a detriment.

A little oil meal and some roots, also buttermilk, is very good to keep the boar in a vigor ous condition. Don't let the boar get too poor, it is a very great mistake to let him get as poor as "Job's turkey. Some will turn the boar in with the sow, or perhaps several sows, and let them run with him all through their period of heat. The boar will more than likely serve a sow six or eight times during her heat, and this is very in jurious to him. This method will soon run him down, and when run down his pigs, when farrowed, will show the effect of it.

Only permit the boar to serve a sow once, unless the first serv ice is very unsatisfactory, and imme diately after service separate themand he will soon learn to get quiet. The boars should have a lot separate from the sows. If possible, have a va cant lot or pen between, so that when his services are required the sow ean be turned into this vacant lot and they can consort for awhile through the fence. This is a good plan, as scmetimes young sows become badly frightened being thrust right in the yard with a strange boar, even when they are in good heat.

When they have become acquainted, which may be inside of five minutes or it Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus take half an hour, or more, the gate can be thrown open to allow them to come to gether. Breeders that use large boars should have a breeding box and most any brebaer 'has iogaauity enough to con struct one out of common fencing plak sav in this way the weight of the boar may be kept off the sow.

SFamers' Dlome Journal. A southern Crop Contest. Here are the published : For the best acre of cotton-Mr. For the best acre of corn-Mr. Crenshaw, of Newburn, Ga. For the best acre of watermelons Mr. Green, of Wolf City, Tex. For the best acre of tobacco-Mr.

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DeJarnette, of Smith Fork, Ark. For the best acre of sweet potatoes Mr. Dill, of Sandy Flat, 8. There are no egg produelag nostrums equal to thems grains for making hens lay. Thls is right. The long rned steer has disappeared, and the ttle shipped are fat and fine. This top has improved the breeding, In tfei3. The illustration represents a very simple and inexpensive brake, which by a slight modification may be adapt ed for use as a foot brake, and which is deed not to cut or wear the ma terial of which the tire is made.

The improvement has been patented. The illustration represents the device sep arately and as applied on a wheel. When the brake stem or rod is forced downward in the usual way, the band bears with corre sponding pressure on the wheel tire.

The inventor has also provided a con struction by which one of the rollers carrying the band is adjustable, and may be moved outwardly, if desired, to increase the tension on the band. Scientific American. The bicycle is to supplant the horse m certain branches of army service. Miles has always been its advo cate,? He is said to hate completed a book on bicycle tactics, and to be preparing a special report to the secretary of war, urging that the army be supplied with a num l. Miles is not alone in this effort. Greely, chief al officer of the army, urges the adoption of the bicycles.

In all there are over bicycles now in use in the Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus corps, located at the most isolated sta tions. In the military department of Texa; the horse has been discarded by the al corps. Secretary Lamont is said to favor the scheme, as he is convinced that its adop tion will be a great saving to the army appropriation. An invention has recently been made that will prove a boon to wheelmen. It is Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus bicycle mit, which, if it does not entirely supplant the ordinary glove, will at least be such an addition as will make winter cycling of but little dis comfort.

The above gives a most excellent idea of this new addition to the lists of con trivances for the comfort of wheeln. UtIisinsg reat in Boilers. The idea of having the gases leave a'boiler at a high temperature, in order that it nay be more effectively used by heating the feed water in an econ omizer, is reported by Schmidt, a Ger man engineer, to have been success fully applied by him in producing a veey economical engine by extraordi nary heating. The gases are repre sented as levihg the boiler at a t 1aper atare sufieen y -high to permN of superheating the steam tb over t0 de grees.

It is thought by experts, how 6ver, that though by this action the economy of the boiler must be reduced, the question presents itself whether it is not preferable to permit of less econ amy in the boiler, in order that the en gi may be more economical--a point.

Lafayette Louisiana ri women pus

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