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As a long-time advocate for victims of sexual violence, I am always grateful for an opportunity to talk about how we, as a society, can prevent this kind of horrific and criminal behavior. That said, I am also frequently angered and frustrated by many of the conversations that do take place. This ordinance, which provides new protections from discrimination for the LGBTQ community, is long overdue.

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In America, we cannot pay mere lip service to our belief in equality and fairness for all. Sadly, the main sticking point in the debate over this new law is the same contentious provision that sank a similar proposal when it was introduced last Marchand one that has been used whenever opponents of gender equality feel threatened — the use and safety of public restrooms. This is certainly a scary prospect, and one that needs to be prevented. However, since the new ordinance does not in any way supersede existing assault laws, the protections we have on the books to stop people who do attempt to assault others in public bathrooms remain in full force.

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The real questions in the current debate, therefore, are: a Does the argument put forth by opponents bear any real connection to what we know about sexual violence in our society? There have no doubt been instances of sexual assault occurring in public bathrooms, but there have also been thousands of documented instances of coaches abusing their young playersclergy abusing their parishionersand teachers abusing their students. Because, ultimately, that is the root cause of the sexual assault epidemic in our society — the belief by some that they are entitled to the bodies of others.

I understand that sexual violence is frightening, and we all want to do what we can to prevent it. That attitude, particularly of men towards women and girls, is prevalent in our society, and it is one that is taught to us from an early age.

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But we can change that. We can provide children with age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education throughout their childhood and adolescence. We must also put support systems in place to assist sexual violence survivors and teach how to personally support victims of sexual violence. It declares that we all have the expectation that no one has a right to know what goes on in our bedroom or what is under our clothes if we are just going about our business in public.

And setting that boundary is a step towards confronting the many issues at the heart of the sexual violence epidemic in our culture. Tara Romano is the President of N. Women United.

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July 7, Featured Articles. The truth about sexual violence and the Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance. Total: 31 Facebook 0 Twitter 21 Print This Article. Total: 31 0 21 0 UNC Black community groups demand safety and equity on campus. Pittsboro announces drinking water after 1,4-Dioxane spill in Greensboro. Editorial to state schools superintendent: Serve kids, not partisan politics.

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