If you like them woman adult women

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Your middle-school self probably only dreamed of the independence you currently enjoy as a grown-ass woman. B ut, if you told your year-old self you'd still be stressing over three-word texts from a crush well into your 30s, you might not have been in such a damn hurry to grow up.

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And unlike the wine you might guzzle to deal with that sad fact, crushes just get shittier with age. Here are just a few reasons why they're not as fun as they used to be. You've Got Fewer Options. As a teenager, it was totally OK to crush on a dude solely because he owned a Sublime shirt, or drove a yellow Jeep Cherokee. But you get pickier as you get older, and your crushes become more specific and harder to find.

It's Not a Logical, Solvable Problem. Your Fantasies Are Kinda Boring.

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As adults, we might fantasize about steamy bedroom scenes—but practical fantasies creep into the mix, too. Competition Is Clearly, your competitors have good taste!

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You might even have a few things in common with these ladies, beyond who you collectively want to bone. Part of being a grown ass woman is respecting other grown ass womenwhich makes sharing a crush a compelling exercise in restraining your inner year-old. He Could Be Married. In some situations, a married crush might be preferable. But nothing kills a real crush like a wedding ring.

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You Feel Like a Teenager. Gushing over someone like they're God's gift? It's Hard to Stay Cool. Tween-you probably got away with no-chill murder in the crush department. You may have made feeble attempts to mask your throbbing, ridiculous crush, but tween tactics are straight up transparent and thirsty.

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As adults, we've got to play it cool. Yes, we should be accustomed to romantic disappointment and failure by now. Weight Loss.

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If you like them woman adult women

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