I still love you Lakewood patient

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When they found out they were expecting their first child, Jonna started asking her friends and family for healthcare recommendations, and the name she heard most was Lakewood Health System. Adrianne Moen and it was the best thing ever. When I had my first appointment with her, we just clicked.

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Her personality fit with mine and I felt really comfortable with her. Dr Moen has new school ways of thinking, while still acknowledging the old school ways and ideas. She and everyone else we met were so personable.

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They remember you, and they remember your story. You even start to have inside jokes and stories, which we would laugh about at all our appointments. They said we have yourwhich I automatically thought was going to be bad, because why else would they call? Fortunately, they were just calling to tell me the were normal, and everything was good.

The from blood tests and stuff came in really fast, and the team was great about communicating them to us. It made for a long day, but it was worth it. One of our favorite parts was seeing the delivery room. We were going for a walk around 10 p.

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I was really happy to be at the hospital at that point! Days before Jonna was due, Dr. Moen would be able to check in on me.

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She was back around 3 p. She got a call from the nurses at 5 p. While Dr. She was working so hard to figure out the right dosage of Pitocin I needed, which was not easy! There was something about the sound of his voice that set me at ease. After Dr. After leaving the hospital, baby Lane had a bout with constipation, which brought he and Jonna back to Lakewood. Moen suggested pear juice, which he liked, and worked great. They get you in and out as soon as possible, which I really appreciated.

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Six months later, the family of three is happy and healthy. I know not everyone has a great birth experience, but I did, so I feel so lucky. Tel: TTY - All Rights Reserved.

I still love you Lakewood patient

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