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Discussion in ' Nevermore ' started by ShmuMar 9, This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect. I Wait For You the forum today! Up. Shmu To Bored To Live. Nevermore got cut-off yesterday when they playd because they are to fucking retards to organise a fucking festivalbecause some other band didn't make it in time and had to do the sound checksa mother fucking bastard come up on the stage where Neveremore were playing and tells WD to cut the show because NightFuckingWish had to come out and Greece fuck forum it was late and all bands came one hour late on stage They didn't cut AnnihilatorSodomEdguy fucking retards because of them the festival came out a fucking error they had to cut Nevermore from the stage So from the bottom of my heart i wish you Greece and the festival organisers to rot in hell Tee Satan's yoyo.

LOL well, shit indeed. Dude, I wasn't even there, but just reading this pisses me off. Screw Nightwish Sorry you had to Greece fuck forum half of the Nevermore's set Shmu Well the "actually clean" time that Edguy played was about 30 mins the max. The rest of the show was a waste of time with Tobi Sammet saying lots of bullshits more than Akerfeldt Nevermore even with one guitar and half setlist they owned the place.

Iris Multis Periculis Supersum. Shmu, that sucks! Takes me back in memory: Nevermore Dynamo Open Air They had to play earlier, due to a band that got delayed at the airport. No announcements, Nevermore had to fill the gap and I almost missed them.

Things like that suck and sometimes I really can't understand the decisions of some promoters. So what about the half setlist? Reverand t Smoker too much magic bus.

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Back in the day, if you were late and caused a delay it was tough shit. You were'nt playing. Piss poor judgement on the promotors. But very typical of mass band "festivals". Shit sound, short set lists and the gambit of usual horse shit to deal with. I'm not fond of festivals at all Mtllct New Metal Member.

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Hm,dude I was there yesterday and Annihilator was the band that caused the whole mess. The came on stage more that 30 minutes after the time they should have. After them it was Edguy's and Nevermore's turn to play.

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Maybe the promoters decided to cut a few songs of both Nevermore's and Edguy's setlist so that Nightwish could come on stage on time. Yeah I know that Nightwish suck but they were the headliners yesterday I am so ashamed of that so maybe the promoters wanted them to start the time they were supposed to.

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If they asked WD to stop it totally sucks cause NM were isnsane yesterday. Oh,and something else how do you know all that stuf?? By the way Nevermore is the only reasson why I went to that shitty festival. I will never wash my right hand again. Andiferum My penis exploded.

That sounds fucking ridiculous!

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I'm sure there was a reason why Edguy were late I deem you, Edguy, and Nightwish unnecessary and boringly childish. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Greece fuck forum

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