Gay man seeks female bestie

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If you are a single gay man such as myself, how do you find love? More importantly, how do you find love that cannot be bought in a bottle, or prescribed over-the-counter? So why not celebrate that instead? The answers poured in through texts, s and voice notes. One even sent a rap. Firstly, you get answers to ALL your homocurious questions with the right amount of sass, of course. Plus, you get to have a partner-in-crime for all your voyeuristic ventures. If THAT doesn't make your life easier, there's isn't much scope for anything else to do so.

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Here, there's never a monochrome scare; because having a gay best friend means having limitless colour in your life. In a world where romantic love is celebrated and revered above all else, there exists this bond of platonic love between friends, which finds its best representation between a girl and her gay best friend! He is the guy who gets rip roaring drunk with you at brunch, hits on the same boys as you do, encourages you to unleash your inner Goddess, and battles the hangover with you the very next day.

He is the guy who is always a phone call away. He gives you pointers on sex. He binge eats ice cream with you. He lets you blast Adele when you need it.

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He re the same books, and likes the same cocktails. He makes you laugh and he makes you shake your head with exasperation. In short, he is the brother who is the soul sister you never knew you needed before you met him. If I could sum up all of this in one sentence? Love is four-letter word that can be interpreted and used in so many different ways.

My friend here is one of my lifelines. He comes up with unadulterated, impartial advice — something that you can trust even with seven blindfolds on. I bet God smiled when he made this beautiful human being and whispered chants as he poured in the purest of a soul into his ears. He made me believe in platonic love and having no expectations out of a bond.

A Gay man seeks female bestie of pure love, a friendship that comes with a smile each time he utters a word. Having a gay best friend is basically discovering a level of comfort you didn't know could exist — they aren't just the best fun you'll ever have, they will be close to you in a way nobody else can even touch. I love my friend for his sass and honesty, and his unbridled positivity in life, a combination that most men lack — especially cute men such as him.

First things first, I'm a realist. Ok Iggy Azalea song reference aside, I am a realist which means I know exactly how difficult it is to connect with somebody on multiple levels, and to always succeed in having a conversation where you feel an instant match of wavelength.

Thank the heavens I got that with my friend.

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We might not talk for weeks, but when we actually do, it's like we never stopped. The best part is that our core beliefs and principles are the same. And our candour gets me, every time! Nothing is out-of-bounds for us; we can literally talk about everything outrageous under the sun without having to be politically correct with each other. Someday we will travel the world together, living the good life and checking out cute guys but until then, I'll just show him off to Mumbai as my hot and charming gay friend.

Because IGotMyOwn! Having a gay man as your best friend is nothing like the stereotypes that people talk about — instead, it gives you true perspective of how life can be the same and yet so different for the community. It allows you to step back, and look at your own prejudices, your own self and your relationships — my friend here Gay man seeks female bestie me become a better person and a better member of the community.

He has taken up so many roles in this timeline: confidante, bridesmaid, partner-in-crime, and a true inspiration in the way he lives his life! The best thing about having him as one of my best friends? The only difference?

This is what I have to say to my friend: For all the laughter you bring to my life and for all the madness, I want to thank you for being you. Can you imagine getting that kind of attention from the opposite sex without any expectations and having fun at the same time? Having a gay friend opened up unheard of avenues in my life. And, most importantly, when my life feels grey and glum — he appears like a rainbow in the sky. I miss my GBM, now that we are in different countries. But our love and friendship is just as strong, if not stronger. After all, distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Supporting his right to live and love is just about the basic most thing I or anyone could do for such a man men who does so much and brings so much warmth and radiance in my our life s. For now and forever to come. I love you and I pray your light shines even brighter with the years to come. Every time we meet, I feel happier and lighter! Illustration courtesy Amrai Dua.

GalentinesDay: 20 women tell us why they love their gay best friend. Just like him. And we could all do with some colour in our life. He is the realest and truest form of love. Just like he always has been. He lights me up. Pun intended.

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Only, his sexual orientation is the icing on top! Especially one that makes you his priority. Up in the sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's your Gay Best Friend! He never cans on spontaneous holiday plans, But somehow has time for your failed romance! With sassy comebacks and heartfelt words, He knows just what to say when it hurts.

I'd exchange 10 girl friends for my GBF, honey, Especially when this one's worth more than all the money.

Gay man seeks female bestie

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