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Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship, says he was stunned when he found out he had won. Sara M. Cory Wimberly, associate professor of philosophy at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, views his teaching style as performance, in the theoretical sense. Where are you from? On whose shoulders did you stand on to get here? The five-member team also placed 14th in the engineering notebook portion of the competition. Scholar Award to teach and study international business and entrepreneurship in Nicaragua. Chess Federation as the Chess College of the Year. Now, the UTRGV biology department is hoping to attract as many of those as it can with its new butterfly garden on the Brownsville Campus, to help establish suitable habitat for butterflies and increase awareness of their importance.

Yash P. Gupta as the new dean of the Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Although sustainability is making a slow but steady trickle into the minds of younger generations, the fact remains that sustainable concepts are steadily entering the mainstream, which includes sustainability-based learning.

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Gilman International Scholarships that will take them to diverse parts of the world for their Study Abroad courses this summer. But winning three national awards in one school year is quite the achievement. Cristina V. Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate and remember Torres, honored posthumously by the university with the naming of its observatory in her memory. But not Dr. Lino Garcia Jr. Then they raced to collect plastic eggs that yielded small prizes or a treat — with colored tickets deating the prize.

John H. It was summerright before UTRGV opened its doors, and Din was finding it difficult to find out about events or social gatherings. Daniel Hunter-Holly was still in his office helping students. Elizabeth A. His grandmother, Ernestina Notargiacomo, started the ball rolling.

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University faculty and students were on hand to guide visitors through a of stations set up by the university to teach and entertain. Here, UTRGV geosciences major Brandi Reger works with areren to help identify items in their own rock collections, or to use hers, to try out the X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer, a research tool that determines the elements of a rock sample. But The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley's College of Engineering and Computer Science is striving to shift that demographic and break stigmas by inspiring young women to become engineers.

An initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest, the NEA Big Read broadens our understanding of the world, our communities and ourselves through the joy of sharing a good book. Alex Racelis. Chad Richardson has republished a popular book, co-authored with Michael J. Sweet or savory? Salt or cinnamon? Dessert or main course?

Do you even have job opportunities with this? What is going to happen with your life? Marie T. Folding a piece of paper, for example, will conceal the other side, yet reveal Friday fun 4 rgv lady new transformation. For Raheleh Filsoofi, a UTRGV assistant professor of ceramics, the act of folding is representative of the complexity of the human condition. Shine, M. Reto Felix is carefully reviewing a recording of his driving. Unlike a dash cam, this recording includes a red dot that shows exactly where his eyes have focused.

Instead of traditional fairy tales filled with castles and magic, the stories were filled with lechuzas, la llorona and plenty of cucuys. Definitely not an everyday sight in the Rio Grande Valley. UTRGV campuses in the Upper Valley saw some minor ice, but Vaqueros on the Brownsville Campus were greeted by icicles from a strong winter freeze that pushed through Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. UTRGV students volunteered at a wide variety of community locations to lend a helping hand. But while the season has ended, the need hasn't. The work accomplished in the past 12 months literally stretched from a discovery in the cosmos to the identification of a new species of snail in our own backyard.

Kleberg, Jr. Kleberg Foundation to recruit and retain primary care physicians to serve as faculty at the School of Medicine and to practice medicine throughout the Valley. Census Bureau-Denver Region. Lelia Sadlier. Air Force, capturing notable people and moments as a photographer. Chen will perform at 7 p. Wednesday, Nov. Thursday, Nov. Abraham P.

Cano Freshman Academy in Harlingen, used to look at her cats and wonder about their genetic make-up and how that might affect their behavioral traits. Wednesday, Oct. But Tyraine Ragsdale is anything but typical.

Nelda C. Martinez, RN, Ph. Thousands of middle and high school students, educators and parents will visit UTRGV campuses for presentations by world-renowned speakers and interactive educational exhibits, and to take part in dynamic robotics competitions and more. Ravindranath Duggirala, Ph. Jairam K. Vanamala, Ph. Lydia Aguilera's office are greeted by a wall full of framed educational accomplishments, recognitions of her achievements and thankful notes from her pharmacy students at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Monday, Sept. The event is part of Best Week Ever festivities, which kicked off the Fall semester and celebrate the university's second anniversary.

Alyssa Guadalupe Cavazos, assistant professor of writing and language studies, was 10 years old when she migrated to the United States from a small town in rural Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She struggled through her early years in the American education system because of the language barrier, but it was that very challenge that helped her find her true passion — teaching. Amy Weimer to combine all her passions and fulfill her life goal of having an impact on the world in a positive way. Zeeshan Afzal wants fellow physicians in the Rio Grande Valley to keep an eye out for murine typhus when treating patients with acute fever.

Joanne Rampersad-Ammons, associate professor of chemistry at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, spent time this Friday fun 4 rgv lady studying apiculture bee keeping and issues affecting honey bee health, thanks to a fellowship she received from the U. Marie Hall Institute of Rural and Community Health for his role in expanding access for the underserved in the state. But what happens when hand tremors from Parkinson's disease strip us of that ability? Something as simple as ing your name becomes a challenge — or an impossibility.

Petrina Cultural Center on Sunday, June 25, during an early evening recital. The appointment will take effect mid-September. Martha May Tevis came to teach Latin and education in at then-Pan American College, there were six buildings, faculty members and about 3, students.

Gilman International Scholarships that will enable them to participate in various study programs around the world this summer.

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Krouse as its new vice president for Medical Affairs and dean of the School of Medicine. Those decisions meant growth, she says, and that sort of evolution is her personal key to success. Gon as its new dean of students and associate vice president for student life. AOTA has named Dr.

Congressman Eligio de la Garza was a legend on Capitol Hill over the course of his protracted political career. The conversation turned out to be propitious. William F. Strong's storytelling venue is the radio — and more recently, the podcast. Census' newest campaign, called The Road to Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera and Texas-based author and publisher Bryce Milligan stressed the importance literature has in promoting social justice and encouraged students to use their literary voices to uplift their communities and speak out against injustice.

Peter Kranz in the s soon will be the subject of a book that chronicles the class's indelible impact on its students, and its possibilities to address racial and ethnic discord today. Steven A. Christopher A. Gabler, Ph. Geological Survey USGS that says climate change in the coming century will drive transformative changes in the coastal wetlands of the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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Army Reserves, during her commissioning ceremony Thursday, Dec. The public is invited to celebrate the holidays by attending the 28th annual RGV TubaChristmas — the largest TubaChristmas event in the state of Texas. But after sustaining several injuries, including a broken back and a dislocated shoulder, while serving in Iraq for the U.

Friday fun 4 rgv lady

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