That Sunday on my way to church

Do you ever get those random flashbacks while in the shower? I do. A lot. And I don't know if this is God talking to me, but I often have those.

I just got this again the other day. And I felt that I need to put this into writing before I totally forget about it, so here it goes.

This is probably on the first quarter of 2008. Rye and I are not together yet. I was still attending a church inside the nearby village. I remember I was not in a good mood. I was already late and the pedestrian access going into that village was closed for some reason so I had to go around the block to their main gate.

Just when I was about to hail a tricycle, a car with a gold shade stopped in front of me. It was Rye, with his mom, and his brother. They insisted I hop in and they would drive me to my church.

I remember Rye's brother saying "sakto ah!" "(just in time!)" with a big smile. I think he knew this was no coincidence. I'm sure Rye would deny, but I too knew this is no coincidence. Earlier that day, Rye called me to ask if I have plans that day. He knew I was on my to church. And because I was running late, he deliberately slowed down their pace to get into this "perfect timing".

In the end, we're both late for church.

Us. December 2007.

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