How are you?

Hi Sarah. How are you?

I recently got this text message from a friend, and for a moment I found it very odd.

I send out messages like this when I feel like I haven't spoken to someone for a very long time and I have no idea as how she is. That is why I found it really strange that she's asking me this, when I actually know what she cooked for their family dinner last night.

Then I realized, my friend is more of a Facebook person more than an Instagram person -- and I don't usually post on Facebook anymore, and when I when I post on Instagram, it's kind of always random. I also realized that when I do get to see some friends, I always ask them about something they post in social media.

Social media has truly radicalized our lives. And, the phrase "Photo or it didn't happen." actually has some truth to it.

Nowadays, I see social media more as a marketing platform to sell news and promote an advocacy. I didn't realized that but by not posting anything on social media, I may have isolated myself more that I want to. At this day and age, consciously or unconsciously, we gauge how well a person is based on what they post in social media. So I realized my life has not as open to my family and friends as how I thought it was. I've always had that tendency to keep things to myself, and have always felt uncomfortable with attention, but without any social media presence, my existence can actually be forgotten. Haha. Interesting, right?

So, how am I? You know what, I am really good. Not as great as some people's social media life. But I am good. So good, I might actually post about it.

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