Internet is forever

I guess it is true what they Internet is forever.

What you post on the internet will forever be in the internet.

And today, because of the Memories and time hopping feature of some social media sites, I was reminded of this, again.

I have to admit, my blood rushed through my head once more. Anger came back and the got the urge to vindicate myself again. Ang kapal ng mukha to even get the nerve to talk back at me. And I still can't stand is how can she still still play as the victim after all of these.

I never knew how strong I was until had to forgive someone who wasn't sorry,
and accept an apology I never received.

From the recent posts it looks like it happened again to her. In my mind, she deserved it. But in my heart, I honestly feel for her.

I know I'm not getting an apology from her, and that's okay. I pity the girl. I hope she finds peace in her life. I hope she finds the love and joy she is looking for. I hope someone introduces her to Jesus. I hope she will open up her heart to Jesus when that day comes.

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