Good Buy: Reusable Straws from Go Zero PH

This video is so hard to watch. I haven't finished watching it, to be honest. I don't have to finish it to understand its meaning.

Turtles are one of the most kind and most gentle animal in the world yet they have to suffer like this because I have to drink my drink from a straw. 

But I still like to drink from a straw. It was still invented for a reason, right? That is why I was so happy when I found GoZeroPH selling reusable straws, and that they are so affordable.

They are selling 3 types of straws:

  • The Bent Straw (Php 50)
  • The Straight Straw (Php 50), which is our regular straw
  • The Milktea Straw (Php 75), which is a bigger and fatter one for well, milkteas
Each set comes with a brush, and you can also order a Tikog Pouch to keep them which handwoven by locals from Leyte. I ordered each straw type, because I use them depending on my mood. Haha.

Transacting with GoZeroPH was also a breeze. I placed an order, sent a screenshot of my deposit and the package arrived a day after.

So there, a small step that I hope could contribute to the safety of turtles.

Now, a photo of me in Guimaras' Turtle Island.

PS. This is not a paid post. I really just want to share how a good find these items are.

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