Some Labor Day thoughts

It is Labor Day here in Manila, which means it's no-work Monday so there are no Monday rants for me today.

I haven't really given Labor Day much thought until recently when things happened:

  1. Unexpected work announcement
  2. Unexpected extra long weekend
  3. Planned Baler trip
  4. Cancelled Baler trip companions
  5. Great Baler trip
  6. A clear message on Sabbath from God

Rye's been pleading for a road trip for some time now but I've been really busy at work so my mind is set to doing that in June for his birthday. I also don't want to go with the crowd during long weekends (especially the Labor Day weekend!), but work was suspended last Friday for Manila and that means we are one day ahead of the Labor Day crowd -- perfect timing for a quick getaway!

Honestly, I would still defer this day and opt for a time-in-lieu but we have a birthday celebrant and I also need to get my mind off from work after some work-related stuff so I agreed on going for the 6-hour drive going to Baler, Aurora on the condition that Rye would plan out everything including reservations, itinerary and budget.

Interestingly, Rye was able to find a relatively cheap accommodation in Baler. And he actually did the reservations and sent us itinerary. Everything is almost perfect until again, some interruptions rose and our companions weren't able to go. But we already made reservations so we still went on with the plan.

I was still a bit bummed about it while we're on our way, and a part of my mind is still on the release we did the night before, but I tried to shrug it off. My network provider lost data services that weekend so it helped that I am not able to receive messages, check mail and check social media. I was able to post some Instagram photos though on places with wifi.

Baler was great. I was expecting a rough road (literally) but it was actually a smooth ride. We left at 5AM and arrived in Baler at 11AM. There were times that mind drifts to work but as my boss advised, I should use the long weekend to get over it.

I can't remember which part of the trip it happened but I just heard the words "Sabbath", "Putting God first" and I remembered the preaching last Sunday on making time for reading God's word. And I remember asking God how I can manage to all of these when traffic takes the most out of my time. And then it hit me. A principle so basic, I need God to take away some things to remember it.

1. God First. Work is a blessing but don't make it an idol. An idol is anything that you put first before God. When God is jealous, he make a way for you to return to him.

2. We must never forget Sabbath. Labor Day is a time for Sabbath. It is a time to celebrate the blessings given to you through work. Yes. it might cost a bit, it might seem like a luxury but it's okay. You deserve it because you work hard for it.

Sorry if this post may not make sense to a reader, but it does for me. I am putting this here so I would have something to look back to. :)

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