What I don't understand about #APEC

.. is why are we, Filipinos, are not excited about this conference. This is more than FIBA yet we are not seeing #ProudPinoy trending. Heck, this is far more important than Ms Universe being held in our country!

I am no expert but these are world economic leaders are coming to our country. APEC is a conference about economy. This ain't a political thing. These leaders are talking about making money and where to put their money. For the Philippines to be a host for a conference like this is very a big thing. A third world country being a part and in the midst of big economy players is a big deal. A lame analogy, but for me it's like a startup company getting invited to a business convention where we could pitch our own business. We have a lot to offer and this is a venue for us to present these things.

We want our economy to flourish but we are not willing to pay the price. The traffic (which was communicated weeks ago) is a small sacrifice for the opportunities this conference might open for our country. Again, no expert, but I think the surge of BPO in our country is a result of conferences and talks like this. We say our government, the President, is not doing their and his job. Guess what? This is his job! He is finally doing it yet we can't utter a little hooray.

Reading so many criticism and curses around social media just proves how selfish / misinformed / judging / ignorant we are. We often quote Heneral Luna, "Bayan o Sarili?" but I think it's time for us to individually answer that question. The world if finally focused on us yet we are complaining about traffic and our work not getting cancelled. 

But more than this, what I really don't understand, is why are we so good in finding fault and why are we pulling down our own government? Yes, it is far from perfect, but APEC might be the one good thing this government was able to do.  We say we hate crab mentality yet we can't recognize that we are actually doing it. We are so consumed of our own concerns and frustrations, we have forgotten how it is to unite and support each other for our own good.

There is a time to criticize but there should also be a time to support, to encourage and uplift. If we would not support our country, who else would?

Like many of you, I am very much frustrated with our country. I have a lot of complaints and I am not too happy with how our country is being lead. But for this one, I am choosing to support Philippines -- not PNoy, not politicians -- Philippines, my country.

-- This post is originally from http://sacurativo.blogspot.com

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