Four years ago, we were banned from this place. 💩🙈🙉🙊💩

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Four years ago today, there's a new pizza place near our place. We were also having a get-together with some high school friends so we decided to try out this one.

When we got there, we asked if we could be seated in the function room -- because we know will be noisy. Manager said it will require an additional fee so we opted out. So we ordered food and friends came. We haven't seen each other for years so it was a great catch-up. Of course, we talked about high school and all the embarrassing and gross stuff.

Then we heard spoons and plates crashing on the floor. One of the guests stormed out angrily -- Ang babastos niyo, kita niyo nang may kumakain!!!

Apparently, she was grossed out by our high school antics and lost her appetite. I know we're being loud and we're getting close to rude, but before I could shush the group it was too late.

I was clueless that the other lady from the other table is getting annoyed. At least I am. Not sure about some. :)

I don't know what the manager did to that group. Did they get to eat for free? I'm not sure. But when one of us asked if the lady stormed out because of us, she simply said Yes -- na parang naiirita na rin siya.

Never went back to that place or any of its branch. Ever.

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