Some friends from church decided to do a small get-together for the singles (read: 20++ yo, not yet married)  to get to know each other.

From what I heard, they have no planned activities just a few ice-breakers. We got there about two hours early and so we were able to help out with the preps.

It was supposed to be held in Salliano's in Marikina but there were miscommunications with the management. We didn't want to pay a reservation as we do not know the exact headcount but we told them to expect at least a group of 60 to 80 pax. At this they suggested that we just come in early as a walk-in and occupy the seats as people come. Sounds like a good deal so the organizing group started spreading this info. They were also in constant contact with the manager to update Salliano's of the head count.

So we did come early. Two hours ahead of time. But it turns out that the whole place is reserved.

After lots of negotiations with the manager, we opted to move to another place. Thank God for Alexei's is free that night!

Turns out that Alexei's is really a better venue for us. The service is superb and they gave us the function hall for free, complete with sound system. There were about 80pax who came and it was a blast!

Met new friends and saw old ones.

Rye was hyper that night. He was so noisy they let him hold the microphone and do the hosting. Hahaha.

And we won the early birds token!!! :) So happy!

Yes friends, EARLY birds. That means we got there first and ahead of time and I AM NOT LATE!

So there! Good job to the organizing team and thank you again to Alexi's for accommodating us! :)

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