One More Chance gets a sequel!

Oh my gee!

One More Chance, probably the most loved movie of all time, not just by ladies but also by guys, is having a sequel! Star Cinema just release it yesterday and social media is already abuzzed by it. 

The video started with Popoy and Basha being interviewed about their marriage. Popoy said he's enjoying it, while Basha answered with a mysterious smile.

It then shows the couple at home, arguing about their business and Basha complaining about being all tired while Popoy is having troubles with his ego. Haha.

I loved it when he said, "O sige ikaw na lang, ikaw na lang ulit!", which is in reference to Basha's famous line from the previous movie.

At the later part, Popoy confessed that he is not so sure anymore that they had gotten back together. This crushed Basha who stayed silent until the end of the clip.

Exciting, huh? I wonder how long they've been married at this point.

I think the magic of One More Chance is on the fact that it is very much close to a couple's real struggles. It wasn't biased on female perscpective and it did very well on presenting a man's struggles -- hailing JLC as "the tunay na lalake". As mentioned here.

It's a tough act to follow but I hope they can still pull through this sequel.

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