Wildflour Bakery + Cafe - Rada

"Saan tayo kakain?"

That's our weekly dilemma after Tuesday service. And this week our wandering feet lead us to Wildflour Bakery + Cafe at Rada St.

Food was great although it's way too pricey for me, which is kind of disappointing because I was verrrrry hungry last night. Haha. These kind of restaurants are not just for a cheapo like me. :P

Wildflour Bakery + Cafe in Rada
Dining at Wildflour Bakery + Cafe in Rada

So here are the food we got and the prices we paid (+10% service charge).

Wildflour Bakery + Cafe's Mezze Maniche
Mezze Maniche (Php 420)

Wildflour Bakery + Cafe's Fettucine Verde
Fettucine Verde (Php 430)

Wildflour Bakery + Cafe's Roasted Broccolini
Roasted Broccolini (Php 260)

Octopus a'la Plancha  of Wildflour Bakery + Cafe
Octopus a'la Plancha (Php 390)

Wildflour Bakery + Cafe Baguette
Bread and Butter

It's not so bad, really. But it's probably best for girlfriend and wine catch-ups, instead of hungry dinners. But, don't take my word for it. Try it out yourself -- if you have the budget. :)

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

UG01 & G02 Frabelle Business Center III Rada St., Makati City

Monday to Thursday 7AM to 10PM
Friday to Saturday 7AM to 11PM
Sunday Brunch 8AM to 4PM

Contact Nos:
BGC The Fort - 02-8567600
The Podium - 02-5718588
Salcedo Village - 02-8087072

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