9 years strong, 9 years smart

Borgy, Rex and I met up for lunch for our 9th year anniversary. Yes, we celebrate our anniversary. Haha. It was June 1 when we first met for our first work and became friends, whether we like it or not. Haha.

First photo together, June 2006

So now I've decided to make a continuation of this 2007 post - One year Strong, one year Smart, when don't call ourselves Articulates yet.


And then to this..

Good old days for 20+ months.

And this...

Quick Christmas get-together because we're starting to get out of the old company.

And then fastword to these..

Mike+Arlene Wedding

Karl+Nic Wedding

Borgy+Jacqui Wedding

Rex+Izah Wedding

And now this. :)

With Baby Aki

First Play Date

Louis' First Birthday

Pero hanggang ngayon, di pa rin makausap si Rex kapag naglalaro ng gadgest. Although improving kasi binababa na niya kapag kumakain.

Hanggang ngayon, madami pa rin reklamo si Borgy.

At hanggang ngayon, mga maaarte at makukulit pa rin.

Until next year, for our decade-long friendship!

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