A Mother's Day Post

I really don't want to join in the trend. Plus, I don't really approve my folks getting so into Facebook. But I guess I have to make an exception this time, especially after seeing this Instagram post of  mine a few months ago.

There's so much feelings in this photo and in this post that only I could probably understand.

Not to offend anyone, but this is just so I could remember and never forget, that during an unfortunate episode of my life, it was not me who worried and probably cried the most, but my mom.

This was only a few minutes after I received that message. But the place is so beautiful and I can see my mom enjoying our first ever family vacation, so I plastered on a smile and asked him to take a picture.

I posted this a few days after. After they've found out. After getting a whole bunch of messages from my family, mostly from my mom, how things are going to be fine. I found some of the messages really funny, and then annoying. I got a bit insulted, honestly. I think they're expecting me to have a panic attack, a nervous breakdown or something.

I posted this a few days before I enter the third decade of my life. Because I realized, as in the caption of this, that despite your age and despite differences it will still be your mom who will be the first to cry when someone hurts you.

So for that, I joined in the trend and reposted this photo on Facebook.

Happy Mother's Day!

PS. Just some after thoughts for this post: Be wise with your decisions. Try not to be selfish and reckless. Consider the consequences. Whether you like it or not, it will make an impact to other people. Although I know that forgiving someone will never be wrong, I hope I did not make the wrong decision to subject me and my family again to another heartache.

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