The Past Six Weeks

We're done with our Foundation for Victory class! Yey! But as I mentioned in my Instagram post, I will miss this class. I've been through Training for Victory before so this is a refresher for me but it's still worth taking. I still learned a lot and most especially unlearned a lot.

Foundation for Victory - Week 6!
I'm sure +Ryan Albert Ramos  would agree that this six-week 9AM Sunday class taught us beyond what our teachers discussed during the classes. It's not in the course but I'm pretty sure we've covered it before in TFV. It is what they called Spiritual Discipline.

Waking up early on a weekend is a struggle but we've done it! Yey! We're late twice but we made it!

FFV class with Kuya Mike :)
To be honest, I've never really intentionally memorized scriptures but through this class we got the hang of it and hopefully we could carry it on.

Pastor Dawn reminding us our memory verses!

One chapter of Purple Book and Bible reading takes us about 1.5 hours but we're able to make time despite the long commute. We're able to rearrange our schedule, decline some invitations so we could make time for it. Drive home is the time to memorize the memory verses. Haha.

Doing homework at Tamagoya

Plus, our time together also became more purposeful.  We can't do our assignments at home (getting too distracted and lazy) so we had to go out and dine somewhere. We got to do the thing we love (trying out new places) while discussing the Purple Book. Surprisingly, we have enough budget for it.

Coffee+Purple Book

Side story to end this post:

We're totally determined to finish the Purple Book on time so we finished four lessons on one night. The next Sunday, we found out that we're supposed to finish 4 Chapters (with about 5 lessons on each chapter) that week! Oh wow. If this were college, we'd be dropped out by now.

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