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Yes it's February, this means the month of January has ended. And, as usual, I've decided to start out a photo-a-day thing. Hehe. I always start out the year with lots of stuff like this, but I don't really get to finish any of them. I get discouraged when I feel like I don't have anything nice to share. So this year, I decide not to put so much pressure on myself. I just want to document something about each day. :)

First time to spend the first day of the year away from the family but I'm happy I got to spend it with Rye's family. It was Ally and Zach's birthday on January 1 and it's their first time to be complete for years so they decided to go to Pico de Loro who treated their new year customers with very nice fireworks.

Family bonding not yet done! Girls day out at Mega Mall together with cousins, Tita and Inay to watch English Only Please!

Traveled to Alabang (on a minicab!) wearing my new shoes (Rye's Christmas gift) and a winged eye liner. And then rode to Cavite with Nald and Tal to meet Celest, Tina and Herlin's cute baby. Had a good time with college friends and then went back to Alabang to have a good soup before going home. Thankful for friends who stay throughout the years. :)



Back to work on a Monday but I am so not prepared. I left my ID and my office keys. I was able to get a temporary pass and get inside the office but since my laptop was tucked in my office drawer, I am good as gone since I don't have any computer to work on. I took this photo because I asked Jucyn to reach out to our security to help me find the spare key for my locker.

Wasn't feeling well the next day but I wouldn't pass out an opportunity to go to 168. Tagged along with Rye who borrowed our old Sentra from my Ate. On our way there, when we're in front of CCP and SM Mezza, the car broke down and would not start. I'm always amazed how calm and resourceful Rye is during stressful times like these. But I'm even more amazed how God is always there and how he simply provides. We're very blessed to be just a few meters away from the SM Mezza where a few cars are parked. In the parking lot, there's a tricycle driver who helped Rye look at the car and find a good mechanic. And most importantly, there's a Starbucks where I can just sit and watch people while Rye went away to get the car fixed. After three hours, we're back on the road, off to 168 to do some shopping for his dad.

Third day of Prayer and Fasting. We're able to attend the prayer meeting at Metro East. I decided to go for the "no colored drink" fasting and this Hello Kitty tumbler is making it a bit bearable. I'm also grateful my new office space still has a good view of the sunset.

I'm still contemplating on how 2014 was and God's message for the day is this.

Last day of prayer and fasting! We got to volunteer as photographers and headed off to Omakase Marikina for our favorite Dynamite maki! We're so sure the next years are gonna be awesome.

Lola's doctor appointment. Thankful that Lola's health is still good, and for Rye who tirelessly drive us to the clinic. While waiting for him to get the car, I redeemed the 2015 Starbucks planner for Rye. Hope this could help him plan out the year!

Usual Sunday lunch at Marikina. This is my beloved Lola and our youngest niece, Sophie. She likes watching cars and people but no one wants to go out with her. It's hard for Lola to walk but she just couldn't resist her Sophie.

Focus for this year - Savings! And of course, moving on.

I really can't remember but, it's my number day!

Free movie on a weekday deserves a Chatime! Plus, I traded a phone with company logo and as usual, a good sunset to cap off my work hours.

Long Weekend! While some people are waiting for the Pope to arrive we went biking and fishball sa kanto. Plus impromptu meetup with friends in Antipolo. We got to try Romeo's for the first time and we get to give our gift to Ethan who seems to enjoy the box more than the toy.

Getting more adventurous! Rye bought me a mountain bike and we rode our bikes to Eastwood to watch Night at the Museum. First time to actually get a parking card and wear a sneakers to the mall. :-/

Still a weekend! And more time to bike. :) This time we went to UP Diliman with Rye's cousin.

Sunday nap time at Marikina. I'm annoyed that he got the good side.


Tuesday service at Victory Makati. Whenever we miss Sunday service at Metro East, we make up to it by attending the Tuesday service in Makati. I love Victory Makati. I feel that they cater to the people who are close to my heart -- my office friends and colleagues.

Super Traffic because of the bus that burnt in Buendia. Praying for LTFRB and those who are in power to control these greedy bus companies.

Super late January 18th Gift.

The night sky on my way home. I love the sky. It reminds me of how small I am and how big God is and the fact that He loves me.

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—
    the moon and the stars you set in place—
what are mere mortals that you should think about them,
    human beings that you should care for them? ~ Psalm 3:3-4

Late for the first bike ride we're supposed to join but were able to catch up on their way back. Haha.

Also, that night, just feel like treating my nephews for movie -- ANNIE! Rye and I had "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love yah, tomorrow!" LSS for daysssss."

Sunday afternoon. Just another bike ride around the village and fishball merienda sa kanto.

Practice Interview at Market Market and then Recovery Food after! Got a haircut too. :) Note: Not impressed with Recovery Food. 

Unplanned night bike ride around BGC with Juk and Jaycee. Since this is unplanned, I don't have clothes with me. I bought pants at the mall and biked with my doll shoes. And this is also why I'm wearing Rye's shirt. Talk about spontaneous?!

The bikes, while I shop outside.

Happy that I still got a nice view from my new desk. Two happy visitors this morning. :)

Early from work. Nothing to do. So, I curled my hair.

Selfie with Hannah while waiting for our volunteer interview for TSM. Met Hannah a year ago at a Discipleship conference. So happy to meet such talented and very nice people serving God!

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