Blogging ain't the same anymore.

A friend once asked me what kind of blogger I am and I don't know what to answer. Because, well, I blog about myself, my interests, thoughts and my opinions. Isn't that what blogging is about?

Apparently, not anymore. And I am now an old-fashioned blogger lost in this world wide web. Even Google removed their search within blogs feature.

Style Bible recently posted an article, How Much Do Blogger Get Paid, and this probably explains why I don't trust "bloggers" anymore. The articles talks about the fashion bloggers but I think it could be applicable to other kind of bloggers as well. I used to read blogs to get honest opinions and because I'm interested on the person and their interests. Now, not so much.

I know, I can't resist change. But maybe they can just create a new term for these kind or our kind?

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