Disney Channel Asia's 12 Princesses

Disney Channel Asia has finally revealed in their Facebook page the stars of 12 Days of Princess!

Here you go:

Sandra Dewi from Indonesia is Cinderella, the Kind Princess.

Marsha Milan from Malaysia is Elsa, the Magical Princess.

Gam Wichayanee is Maleficient, the Charismatic Princess.

Proud Oranicha as Ariel, the Independent Princess.

 Philippine's pop star princess, Sarah Geronimo as Rapunzel, the Fearless Princess.

Our very own Kim Chiu from the Philippines as Mulan, the Determined Princess.

Wawa Maripha from Thailand as Belle, the Smart Princess.

Best Nitcharee as Jasmine, the Generous Princess.

Golf Natpassara as Merida, the Courageous Princess.

Daiyan Trisha as Snow White, the Sweet Natured Princess.

Fah as Tiana, the Confident Princess.

Tori as Pocahontas, the Free Spirited Princess.

First of all, I didn't know that Maleficient is now a Disney princess. The movie was great and all but I don't think she can be a princess.

My favorite Disney princess is Jasmine and I love Sarah Geronimo but from this set I liked Mulan and Pocahontas the best. :)

How about you, what do you think of their portrayal of our favorite characters?

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