Das + Abi Wedding

The Bride

Abbie and I have been friends since we're 14 years old. After school, their home is our favorite hangout. She's always been sweet, that's why we call her Baby Pie. She's also the romantic type, waiting for her perfect prince charming to come along. So imagine my joy when she told me she finally found the one.

The Bride, Abby

The Groom

The One for her is of course, Das. I first met him in one of our rare out of town trips; but it felt like we've known him for as long as Abby. I've always said that Das is my favorite girlfriend's boyfriend.

The Dashing Groom, Das

And that is why I couldn't say no when they asked me to help out on their wedding. The day was amazing. Thank you to Real Studio for capturing it so beautifully.

The venue for the event is Le Blanc in Antipolo. Fell in love with the place when we got there in the morning. They have lots of rooms where the guests can even stay overnight. I love it. Perfect for intimate weddings like this one.

Bride Portraits

Le Blanc, as the name suggests has an all-white interiors which makes it very very picturesque. And the boudoir... heaven! We feel like we could stay there for a day. I think the bride's portrait photos are inspired by it.

Hair and makeup by Iwaki Salon. They also did my makeup and I loved it! And most of all, as a coordinator, I love that it's so easy to talk to them and very mindful of their client. They were there through the pictorial and made sure there clients looked well. Abbie had various looks throughout the shots. And I could tell they're really passionate with their work.

Real working tub!

First Look

Now Abby and Das' ceremony was scheduled 5PM and the sky was a bit gloomy so we opted for another first-look ceremony so we could have daytime shots for the couple with the entourage. And I'm glad we did! Thank you to the wonderful entourage for being so cooperative!

And thank you Le Blanc for making all these easy. We haven't planned this out so we didn't know where to go but they have a wonderful playground separate from the ceremony area near the rooms. Perfect for the intimate first-look and splash of colors for the pictorial.

The groom, anticipating his bride.

But first.. he got pranked!
Bride had a good laugh out of it too!



The whole Das+Abi party in their Chucks!
You couldn't tell from these photos but the lots of delays happened and urgent things came up so the couple actually wasn't able to prepare enough for the wedding. And I went out of country for a business trip so we only got to meet two days before their wedding. No program yet, no seating arrangements, no RSVPs, no timelines. Major panic for me!

But you know what? God's Grace is sufficient. It rained, the wind pulled down a coconut leaf and crashed broken a table top glass, all during the ceremony -- but no one bulged. The guests stayed, pastor continued on with the ceremony and the couple didn't stop from staring at each other.

No amount of raindrops can stop this wedding! 

You'll forget all the stress when you see the Bride smile like this. :) 
Binded together. 
The ever supportive boyfriend, mukhang kinikilig. 

More Couple Shoot

I told you, no rain can ruin this day. Real Studios, you did a really good job! 

It was a beautiful wedding. :)

With the beautiful bride Abbie, my friend since 14 years old
Can't wait for the other pictures!


Major shout out of course to Tal. :) I know I couldn't make it without her. When she found out I was cramming for a wedding last Friday night, she didn't hesitate to offer help and even come along! Even if she's coming from south and the wedding is all the way up in Antipolo.

And of course, wonderful suppliers who would make sure you get the most out of your payment. Sulit!

Le Blanc
0917 537 1706

Flowers and Event Styling by Edmar Gabila
0949 793 8023

Photo and Video by Real Studios
0949 444 6767
Bride's Gown by Ryan Sarangay
0927 567 4709

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