Ang Alamat ng Diosa

This is a photo my friend Riz took last night when we celebrated my birthday. But this is not a birthday post. I posted this because it's been a while since someone called me Diosa.

Yes friends, bago pa mauso si Anne Curtis as Diosa, nauna na ako!

I'm sure I mentioned this a few times already but this time I want write it down para di ko makalimutan. Because I am growing old and this is one funny story I don't want to forget.

Ang Alamat ng "Diosa"

Let's back track 14 years ago, senior year in high school. Internet is not as accessible as it is now so we usually hang out a bit after in the Computer room after class. On this particular day, I think we hanged out a bit longer because we were late for our next class which is English.

I was with two more girls and our teacher was already in the room when we got there. She signalled for us to come in so we went in and took our seats. And then she resumed her lessons. But after a few minutes, she lowered down her chalk and let out an exasperated sigh. She said, "I'm sorry, sino nga ulit yung mga Late?" So we raised our hands, and then she asked us to get out of the room. So we did. I thought that was the end of it, but no. After a few minutes, she followed us outside and she pulled me aside.

I really can't remember everything told me, but she was practically screaming at me. She said something about being respectful about time. And that she's very disappointed with me, especially because she knows my father personally. And then she went on to say...

 "Kapag nakakasalubong kita sa hallway, ni hindi mo man lang ako tinitingnan o binabati! Ano tingin mo sa sarili mo, Diosa?!"

I remember holding back my tears. I hate being scold at. But I also remember wondering when did a recognition from me started to matter to anyone?! Haha. It wasn't that I think to highly of myself, that I consider myself Diosa. It's actually the opposite. In my mind I am invisible. I am just one of the many faces this teacher sees every day. It never occurred to me that I would catch someone's eye simply because I am invisible, and I want it that way.

To tell you honestly, I still feel this way sometimes. I'm not a snob, I just don't think you even know me. If you don't, then really it's okay.

Anyway, back to the story. My teacher was so furious she didn't get to finish her class. She spent the rest of her hour scolding me and my friends. She only stopped when the next teacher came in. It then turns out that I wasn't pulled aside far enough because when I got back into the room, my classmates started calling me Diosa. And it stucked until today.

At ayon and Alamat ng Diosa.

PS. I remember when someone calls me Diosa, Joshua would also turn. That's when I realized they rhymed. Bow. ;)

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