#NationalBreakfastDay! :)

I loooove breakfast, I could eat it all day! Haha.

Today is National Breakfast Day. Yey! And McDonald's is celebrating it by giving away free Egg McMuffin to early birds like me. :)

Yes, friends. You read that right -- Early Bird.

We leave at around 6AM together with our Makati Carpool group and we pass by McDonald's Karangalan everyday. We're the few lucky people who didn't have to line up to get their freebies. In less than 15 minutes, we're able to get our vouchers and pickup our muffins. No delay on our usual 1hour trip. :)

Well, we didn't actually get an Egg Muffin but a Hamdesal. But we're happy anyways. Thank you  McDonald's for making Monday more likeable! :)

Hooray for Today!

But let me grab this opportunity to remind you that you don't need free muffins to say Hooray today. Everyday is a gift. Everyday is a brand new start. Forget yesterday's failures and thank God for this new day. God's faithfulness is new every morning. That's something we could forever say hooray about. :)

Thank you again, McDonald's! Next year ulit. :)

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