Panglao Wedding: Mike and Arlene

The real reason why we're in Bohol is actually for Mike and Arlene's wedding. :)

The wedding was held in Amorita Resort and we're helping her out as her OTD coordinators, under This is IT! Events of course. They didn't get the cliff side wedding that they wanted because of the LPA but it's still beautiful nonetheless. Thank God we were able to pull off a plan B by making an aisle on the dining hall's receiving area. Styling and Flowers was done by Michael Yu of Blue Grass Project via Amorita Resort.

Since everyone's so busy, we weren't able to take proper photos. Rye was able to pull off one shot though..

Plan B for the Cliffside Wedding

I will try to post more details on this event when I get a copy of their photos from their photo and videos, Jayson and Joane Arquiza and 430 Films. (They are by the way, so easy to work with. We love them so much, almost everyone from our friends got their service. Group discount, please? Hehe.)

For now I just want to share how I'm so excited for Arlene and Mike and how I'm so happy for them especially now that I've learned that Arlene have trusted Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. I'm sure their marriage will last forever. :)

It was actually my first time to head the coordinating team but I didn't mind the stress -- and cramming! Haha. Aside from this new experience, I'm also happy to be able to spend time with good friends. :)

Cake Toppers from LoveBirds. The couple won this from Ruffles & Bells.

With +Jucyn Gargalicana  -- welcome back to This is IT! Haha.

Love our colors. :)

With the Guys!

Photo Break from Coordinating Tasks

Love their handmade escort cards. :)

The girls with the Bride +Arlene Grace Go , doing the Karl pose

So proud of this Photo Gallery! Good job, guys!

Photo Gallery for #mikeandarlene

May your marriage will bring you closer to God, the author of Love, Mike and Arlene! :)

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