At kahit na ano pa ang gusto mo basta wala ka bang tinatapakan na tao...

"Basta wala ako tinatapakan or nasasaktang iba... (As long as I'm not hurting anyone)"

This is a popular belief in the Philippines and it usually comes with another phrase: "Magpaka-totoo ka. (Be yourself)"

I had no problem with this belief. I've actually used this and have given this as an advice before. But after hearing a popular talk show host give this advise to a young girl this morning, God asked me this question -- What do you think of this?

Admittedly, I usually use this phrase to console a person. We give this person this "advise" when they are doing something unpopular. But is it true? Am I really not hurting anyone with our actions and decisions?

God answered me with a gentle whisper: No, because I am hurt.

To put it plainly, we use this phrase when someone is doing something that is clearly defined as a sin. And God detests all of these sin.

God is hurt when we deviate from his design and purpose.
God is hurt when we let our hearts harden with anger.
God is hurt when we trade lasting peace and joy with short-term happiness.

We feel like we're not hurting anyone because God is out of the picture but this is not true. God cannot be placed out of the picture. He is our Creator. Next time you give yourself or someone this excuse for sin, think twice and think on how God would feel.

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