Test Shots:)

Sharing with you some behind-the-lens over-edited photos from the engagement photo shoot that we had last Sunday for our friends getting married this December. :)

Test Shot :)
With Tal, another Bride-to-Be  and the best PA in town :)

In Action!

After Carlo said, "Ate, solo ni Nic please..."

Yup, we'll just stay behind the lens. :P
Sneaking a shot with the two Bride-to-Be's while the Groom-to-be is having his glamour shots

Photo with the Bride-to-Be after 6 Hours of shoot.
Forgive the chubby cheeks and messy hair.

We're not pros obviously, but I'm happy with what our photos turned out. It surely helped that we're all just having fun and the bride is naturally pretty. :) Ok, the groom too! Haha.

We cannot share the photos, or at least not yet, but I'm sneaking this one...

And these cute props that the couple did themselves. :)

Life Lessons:
I had fun just hanging out and spending time with my friends so if you're planning your own engagement photo session, I highly recommend you bring your good friends to bring out your natural laughs. Rye was very useful for this! Haha. Also, nothing beats a professional photographer but if you're on a budget you can just tag along your photographer-wannabe friends to have the shoot. :P

Side Note:
These photos are all taken inside the UP Diliman Campus where the couple graduated. According to our internet research, we only need permit when shooting inside the buildings. But we're still shooed (nicely, naman) while we're shooting in the back area of the UP theater and near Oblation. We told them that we're just shooting for personal use but they insisted that we needed a permit. The four cameras probably didn't convince them but even if it's for pros I still don't get why a permit and fee is required. :( I'd understand if we have huge equipment that could cause damage to the properties but all we have are cameras. We don't even have a tripod! Oh well.

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