Revisiting Friendster

This has been sitting in my drafts for more than two years already! Multiply and Friendster already closed down I had to replace the photos. Hahaha.


I'm tinkering with my phone as usual, trying to sleep when I thought of visiting Friendster.

If I remember correctly, I joined Friendster on 2003 through Sheila's invitation. I got a vacant in-between classes and like any normal UPLB student, I went to an internet cafe to check my email. Then there was it. A "Friendster Friend Invite" from Sheila. I got nothing else to do so I signed up and the rest is history.

Sheila and I from way back -- I can't remember anymore.

Now, I just can't remember when I last logged in. And now that I did, my inbox is still flooded with spam as usual. I thought of deleting the account but then I remembered why I didn't do that earlier -- TESTIMONIALS! :)

According to Friendster, I have a total of 191 testimonials. As a friend pointed out, most of them are not really testimonials but just huge emoticons with quotes. But during the early Friendster days, testimonials are real testimonials.

Here's my very first one from Sheila (It now shows as third but I think Friendster mixed it up because I specifically remember it was Sheila who sent me a testimonial first)..
Nov 15 2003, 02:38 PM
L be the first here.. si sarah, very sweet gurl, friendly pa!. FYI, a good writer too..dami nga letters neto sa kin..from HS til now, mga small notes, long letters, and even cards.. very creative person din..galing gumawa ng mga mini-books, don't know what to name her stuff,,pero she gave me one, lam ko rin, she gave self-made "mini book" to two of the gurls sa brkda,,thumbs up tlga syo when it comes to those creative things! (keep it up!).. excellent student rin yan,,iskolar din! comp.sci pa!! and of course, God- fearing..true servant yan ni Lord.. galing sumayaw for Jesus! g2G.. nwy, this is it for now..miss u so mch. tc!

Aww, right?<3

But really, when I read that I'm like -- Oh Yeah, I was that! I did make her a book! And I was creative and yes, I did dance! Haha.

This one's from Abby..
Abby and I on her 23rd Birthday
 Nov 14 2003, 02:07 PM
c bes?... real friend yan!... no one can replce the part she plyed in my lyf... sobrang miss ko n toh... kc every weekend nlng kmi ng mimit tpos minsan hindi p!.... im longing for her sobra!... she's the one i can trust... she knows all my secrets... wla ko tinatago s taong to!... hmmm... miss n kta bes!... angel yan ng lyf ko!... hmmmm.. luv u gurl... lam mo nmn un dba?
Yes, Abby, I know! Alam ko pa rin ba lahat ng secrets mo? Hehe. :)

This one's really funny and so not true! Hahaha.

Chay and I just a few years back.
Dec 16 2003, 03:19 PM
curacha... ito ang OFFICIAL DIYOSA naks... tlgang ang kapal noh? hehehe well this gurl? i met her nung 2nd yr hs, and kaya k lng sya namit kc magkalapit lng kmi ng room. then i found out that her sister is hindi umuwi sa kanila... naglayas daw? dami kc chismosa non eh? kya naintriga nmn ako... kinilala ko sya... lol, then i found out that this lady, got the same name that i have... (sarah-sarah together) kya inaway ko sya nyek! seriously, im so blessed to have her as my friend... kc meron syang mga inspiring thought na lagi nyang shinashare samin, though hindi mo matatagong flirtacious din sya (opo, kay lildrummerboy, hehehehe) kya nga kmi nag click nyan eh... hehehehe very smart din sya, just like everyone sa brkd. kaya nga napapdpad yan sa probinsya sa sobrang katalinuhan eh? hehehehe pwera biro itong babaeng to? sobrang miss ko na... iloveyou sac... mwah!\
Grabe ka jan, Chay, ha! Thank God for chismis at nagkakilala tayo, but I'm not flirtatious! Hahahaha. I knew you it, you were just jealous coz you like the little dummer boy. :P

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