#MillionPeopleMarch - Why I'm Not Going

I'm not really the activist type but last August 26, I went to the #MillionPeopleMarch in Luneta.

They say this rally is unique because it was "organized" through social media. And I agree. It's an amazing show of how powerful social media can get. But it's not the power of social media that appealed to me to go to this rally. It's how so many fed up tax payers are willing to brave the streets of Manila just to make a statement that we are against corruption that is caused by Pork Barrel. I liked the idea that there's no personality or religion that's being named, just a show of how the real tax payers and the real "bosses" are so fed up. I've always believed that the power is with the middle or working class. Most of us have become apathetic or too busy making a living to actually care but this Pork Barrel and Napoles issue was able to catch our attention. 

With Rye and Riz at MillionPeopleMarch last August 26
August 26 Million People March

I went to the MillionPeopleMarch to protest against the lifestyle we've learned to get used to. I went there because we've been flooded three times because our water ways are full of jobless informal settlers. I went there to protest against the stress I go through every day because of our very inefficient public transportation just because we don't have enough funds to upgrade our MRT and LRTs. I went there because I had to say goodbye to my family and friends while they work outside the country. I went there because I cannot enjoy a walk around the city without fearing for my life. I went there because I now see Pork Barrel written and deducted in my payslip every month. I went there because it personally affects me.

As I write this (while waiting for my code to compile), the second #MillionPeopleMarch is the next block from our building. I'm not attending. I didn't plan to even if it's just a stone throw's away. Why? Because I'm sensing something fishy. If this is really a movement lead by "no one" but the tax-paying citizens, then why are we still here in the office working and doing overtime? Why should it be on a working hour, on a Friday and in Makati? If you work in Makati and commute your way in and out here, you'll definitely understand what I mean.

Bringing this to Makati on a Friday sounds like staged "Business Sector joins the #MillionPeopleMarch"  headline to me.

This might be premature. For all I know, there's probably a million people in Ayala already. This party 2 of #MillionPeopleMarch might actually succeed. If it does, I'm more than happy to be wrong. I still believe that pork barrel should be scrapped. But, it took out the magic of the August 26 event.

Or maybe, I'm really just tired from work and the least that I want is to get stranded in Makati.


Isa pa: We didn't attend because may libreng concert o artista. Di nga namin alam kung sino makikita namin dun. O ano gagawin namin. When we got there, we literally said: "Now what?" Haha. But we're still happy we did went.

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