On Janet Napoles' Arrest

Janet Napoles, the woman who became the face of our country's widespread corruption and the object our #MillionPeopleMarch last Monday, has finally surrendered last night after President Noynoy Aquino announced a PHP 10 Million for her arrest. She surrendered to no less than the president himself and then she was turned over to DILG secretary Mar Roxas and the PHP chief. She's now detained in  Camp Crame.

From Inquirer.net

I didn't caught the late-night news so I was surprised when I saw this in the news this morning. But, I was more surprised with the reactions I am seeing in social media. Some of them are concerned that Mrs Napoles might be getting a VIP treatment or if she's that important that she had to surrender to the president. Valid concerns, I agree. But Janet Napoles is just a small fish in the bug pond of government corruption. She could be the key for us to get the root of all these. We should not set aside her cases of course, but we can deal with it later.

Oh, and I'm more amused at how some people in my news feed are saying that this is some sort of a conspiracy theory and that this case would not get to the end like previous plunder cases. Some are even questioning where Aquino would get the PHP 10 Million reward. They're all rigging the President, blaming him and criticizing him still for the arrest. According to Kabataan Party List representative Teddy Ridon, everything was staged by the Aquino government so we would forget our call to abolish his own pork barrel. Well, this could be true. But only if we let them, right?

As an old Filipino saying goes, "Sala sa init, Sala sa lamig." I'm no political expert and what I'm reading are all valid speculations and concerns. I'm just saying, that we give our President and good governance a chance or just a bit of benefit of a doubt.

Remember your teenage years? You got so messed up that when the time came that you genuinely wanted to change and get your life together, no one believed and supported you. That's my lame analogy for this. Haha.

And so I come to my actual post...

"Stop Worrying about what can go wrong, and Get Excited about what can GO RIGHT."

Yeah, this is just what I really wanted to share. Medyo nadala lang ako because I think it's appropriate for the current issue. And I think it's what our mindset should be. Especially for us who believes that God is sovereign and in control. He is the ultimate judge after all. He can use cracked pots, even imperfect government, to bring justice. 

Let's continue to pray for our country, may God's promises be fulfilled in this generation.

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