The 18th Hot Air Ballon Festival Experience

For the last past years, we’ve been planning to go to Clark to experience the Hot Air Balloon Festival and this time we finally did it! Nakahabol pa kami sa last day. Minsan talaga, mas maganda yung walang plano.. natutuloy. Haha. Thanks of course to Ate Rich and Kuya Jun for our tickets. :)

Together with our high school buddies Rizza and Jerson, we drove to Clark at 3AM. Thanks to Driver Dash, we were there at about 430AM, just in time to find a decent parking space, a spot to set up our tent and grab an hour of sleep.

Setting up our tent.
Early Crowd

Before sunrise, Mr Narrator came on the speakers. I don’t recall him mentioning his name so we’ll just call him as that. He said a lot of Hot Air Balloon Fiesta info and trivia. Here are a bit of what I recall, not sure if they're all true. Haha.

  • Pilots cannot control the direction of Hot Air Balloons. They go wherever the wind blows them.
  • Pilots can only control how high the balloons can go
  • Once the hot air balloons go down, it gets picked up by 4x4, wherever they may be!
  • They fly early morning because air outside needs to be cooler than the air inside
  • Hot Air balloon naturally rises up and this causes the balloon to go up! Duh? Haha.

At around 6AM, they started to inflate the balloons. Huge huge crowd by this time. The first to inflate was the Philippine Airlines balloon. Mr Narrator said the balloons will be playing a game of Hare and Hound and the PAL balloon will be the hare. Whoever lands nearest the Pal balloon will win.

Philippine Airlline Balloon inflated first
The 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiest officially started with the Philippine national anthem with a paraglider carrying our national flag. So cool! :)

Paraglider with Philippine National Flag

Soon, all the balloons started inflating...

18th Hot Air Balloons- All ready to fly! :)
Here's a closer look to some of the balloons...

Crowd Favorite: The Pretty Tulip Balloon

Department of Tourism Balloon

Personal Favorite: Mr Sun :)

Manila Water services sponsored balloon

Flying V
Space Shuttle sponsored by Axe

Upside Down Man
Photographers inside the Hot Air Balloon Basket. So inggit!

Blue Balloon

Inquirer Sponsored

Kopiko Sponsored

Also love this colorful Balloon. Reminds me of Choose Philippines site.

Tekno 70 looks like a giant pumpkin :P
A flying Fire Truck!

Heart Balloon
Pink Elephant Balloon (photo c/o Jerz)

There's also a pink elephant balloon but it failed to inflate on time. The balloons should be released before 8AM or else they wouldn't be allowed to fly.

The balloons were all lovely but I think there are more interesting balloons from the previous years. I guess it's also a bit windy because after they are released, the balloons started flying away from us. Here are our quick photos with them.

As they say, it's a Weekend of Everything that Flies. Aside from the Hot Air Balloons and the paraglider, there are also ultralight aircrafts and sky divers (in my bucket list!). Some also brought their own kites to join in the fun.

But the highlight of our visit came a bit before lunch -- the amazing Breitling Jet Team exhibition. Literally breath-taking!!!

We left right after the jet exhibition around lunch time. Here's our photos from the event...

Clark Buddies! From Jerz' Facebook.

Until next year!

PS. Sorry sa mga hindi namin nasabihan at nasama. :)

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