Christmas Season begins!

Yehey, the nasty Halloween Season is over! No more horror stories and lousy cemetery news from TV.

And now.. Christmas Season officially begins!

Love this Precious Moments Nativity photo from

This will be a different Christmas for me. No more awaiting the bonus announcement from MVP, no more sumptuous Christmas package and no more Christmas party planning for team. I will be missing also the Christmas list making, shoppng and gift wrapping with Nic and finding Christmas gifts in my table up to until February. It will also be hard for me to attend Christmas parties since I'm working on night shift.

But all's well and I'm up for the challenge. It's still Christmas, anyway! :)

Born is the King

By the way, I've been downloading photos from Multiply (for 3 weeks already!) and here are some of Christmas photos I've recovered so far. Nostalgia! :P

Just a side note: Isn't it funny that here in the Philippines we start the Christmas season in September and then cut it for Halloween and then resume it after.

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