August 18s: Nuvali

This post is a continuation of  August 18s: Abe, Cafe Juanita and Cats. The part two of our August 2009.

I don’t think we did anything special on the day of our actual anniversary because this happened a day after. I also can’t remember if this is planned or not. I was on leave for some other reason and Rye is on a holiday because of Quezon City day.  Rye was also able to borrow her sister’s car.

Early road trips are not complete without coffee. J

So we woke up early, Rye picked me up and we’re off to Nuvali. It was a perfect day to visit. It’s not raining and it’s not so humid. J

Old Nuvali sign. I don’t think this isn’t up anymore.

It’s our first time in Nuvali and so while driving around, we found out that we can go through the walk trail to the bird sanctuary.

Well, we didn’t get to see any birds but we found this gazebo.

We didn’t bring shoes so we weren’t able to go biking but we had fun feeding the Kois.

After lunch, we went to Balay Indang! :)

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