August18s: Isabelo Garden Restaurant

On our third year, we’ve already developed the habit of going new places and enjoying food. But for our third anniversary, we didn’t have to go far because just a few meters away from my Lola’s house in Marikina (where I grew up and spend lunch every Sunday) is Isabelo Garden.

Isabelo Garden is Marikina’s secret restaurant and it’s strictly “reservations only”. We first found out about it in Our Awesome Planet but even though I grew up in the area and Rye prides himself as the “Driver Dash”, we can’t seem to find this restaurant. Later, Rye found out that Ate Portia, the owner and chef of Isabelo, is actually a friend of Ate Richie from Faith Christian School. What a small world! After that, he sent a message to Ate Portia via Facebook to make reservations. It’s supposed to be a surprise but he forgot that he also registered his Facebook in my iPod’s BoxCar. I stayed quiet about it and only told Rye I knew about it after he gave me this beautiful bouquet…

When we got in, we’re surprised to find a huge garden. It doesn’t look very big outside. We were ushered to a small table in front of the kitchen beside the big tree.

The food was unforgettable. I loved the pizza, spaghetti and of course the sorbet.

Ate Portia visited our table and told us the story of Isabelo. Let’s see if I can remember correctly…

The restaurant got its name from their street but it wasn’t her first choice. She submitted several names during business registration but this is the only name that wasn’t rejected. Later, Ate Portia learned that Isabelo means “God is bountiful” and up to this day God is proving this to be true to her. Ate Portia ended the story by encouraging us to go for our dreams because God is bountiful. Such an encouragement, right? J

After that she asked us to sign their guest book. So next you visit, go find our page. You won’t miss it. :P


But aside from the food, we also loved the garden’s rustic look.

Here are the details of Isabelo Garden. Don’t forget to make reservations because they really don’t allow walk-ins. J

#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City
Phone: (02) 510.6914
Facebook: Isabelo Garden Restaurant
Twitter: @isabelogarden

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