And the Government Tweets...

As of this moment, our government is trying to come up with an official hashtag to determine if there will be classes or not during the Typhoon Helen.

I just find this funny because I'm used to the formal tweet @govph usually tweets. After all, they represent the government. I was surprised by the "Haha!| and especially with the "G a.m.!"

I also find it a bit off that they converse via Twitter. It's not like it's their personal accounts. They should've just used their own personal accounts or by all means the Email. We still have Email! And that is still the purpose of email. Or if they must really use Twitter, there is a Direct Message. By their conversation, it seems to imply that the Office of the President could not even decide on its own or enforce a simple hashtag.

I am happy that the government is finally catching up with technology and utilizing this for the advancement of our country but it is the The Government of the Philippines' account and I think it should only be used to announce official statements. It would be better if they just tweeted, "As agreed with #PhCHED @dost_pagasa @NDRRMC_OPcen, the unified hash tag for the suspension of work and classes is #walangpasok"

Clearly, the government still has a lot to learn in using the social media.

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