August 18s: Abe, Café Juanita and Cats

Exactly four years ago today, these pictures were taken.

It’s August 18 once again and this will be our fourth August 18 together. So, before this day comes to and end, I want to share what happened to our first, second and third August 18. This will be a series of posts dahil matagal na matagal ko nang utang ‘to. Hehe.

First August 18: Abe

Few days ago, we’re actually discussing what we did on our first anniversary. None of us can’t remember.  I had to go through our picture archive to remember and this is the best that I can come up with: First time to dine at Abe because all other restaurants are full. Rye loved their Lamb Adobo. I loved their Tanglad Iced Tea. 

Abe is a restaurant in Serendra, High Street and is part of the LJC Group of Restaurants. Make sure to call in for reservations because it could really get crowded.

Serendra Plaza, Fort Bonifacio
Contact No: 856-0526
Business Hours: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm – 12:00 am

Second August 18: Cafe Juanita, Cats, Abe

Part 1. If I can’t remember much from the first anniversary, I would never forget the second. Yes, I forgot to blog about it as I promised but I’d never forget what happened because it’s one of those few times that  Rye really got me. Of course, with the help of our very dear friend, Ezra.

It’s Saturday and it’s 3 days before our actual Anniversary. Around this time, Ezra is still pursuing his showbiz career. Haha. He called me and asked if Rye and I can come with him to some movie premiere that he will be hosting. He told me to dress up. Since it is Ezra, I agreed without any questions.

So they picked me up and off we go. We first had lunch at Café Juanita. I didn’t suspect anything since it’s a norm for us to bring our friends to the latest restaurants that we discover. (Read my other Cafe Juanita post!)  I remember that Ezra loved the food. J

After lunch, we’re on the road again. I realized we’re heading to Manila after seeing the line full of Cats Now and Forever posters. I gushed again and again how I would love to see it. I remember having a conversation similar to this:

Rye: Ano ba meron diyan sa Cats na yan?
Me: Hello, di mo alam?! Cats yan! Mapagmamalaki mo sa mga apo mo kung mapapanood mo yan. Tapos Lea Salonga pa.

After a while, Ezra asked Rye if we could drop by CCP first. He said had to pick up some script from a friend. When Rye stopped in front of CCP, he asked us to go down while he park. I remember asking:

Me: Bakit kelangan pa mag park, may kukuhain lang naman?!
Ezra: Baka kasi mag tagal yung kaibigan ko. Wala pa yata siya diyan.
Me: Okay, mag slippers na langa ko.

I remember getting confused, but just let it go since it is Ezra.

Few minutes later, Rye showed up all dressed up while holding my shoes. Still clueless, I asked him: “Bakit dala mo yan?!”  An exasperated look registered on Rye’s face and with that Ezra screamed: “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!”

 Rye handed me the tickets to the play and only then did I realized their conspiracy. I was totally shocked in disbelief that Rye was able to pull it off. Haha. Thanks also to Kuya Jun, Rye’s brother-in-law, for taking time to go to Shangri-la just to buy the tickets for us. J

Cameras are not allowed inside so we had to settle with these lousy pictures.

But it’s okay. Lousy photos can’t ruin the day that I would eventually tell my grand children. J

And then again, after a year, we had dinner at Abe’s!

Yes, there's a part two. I'll post about it in a bit! :)

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