I'm currently taking this soft skills online course that's required for work. It's your typical SMART Goals -- short-term and long-term goals. But this one's got me thinking.. specially because I'll be turning 28 in a month now... what really is my goal? what do i really want for my life?

I'm not thinking of retirement, even though I'm half way through it.
I'm not thinking of investments, even though today is the best time to do it.

When i think of these stuff, I feel so... lost. I don't know where to get the resources and I feel frustrated about it. The dreams of having my own house and retiring early still seems so far away and so far-fetched. When in reality, it is not supposed to be that way.

Dreaming of things for my own seemed so selfish after the things I heard and experienced before. I can say, i lost the skill of dreaming and I've mastered the skill of living on day to day basis. But I know this is not the life God wants me to live. He wants me to have a full life! Despite all the discouragements, I know he wants me to dream and go for those dreams. After all, these dreams came from Him.

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