27th Birthday

I know I already said this last year on my 26th, but it's really all I can say...

I can't believe I'm 27!

Well, yeah. I'm 27 and a happy 27 year old at that. :) I'm blessed to have a series of celebration for my 
birthday with my friends and family...


Pre-Birthday Luneta Trip with Rye... I loved Luneta! But I'll have to talk about that on a separate post. :)

Pre-Birthday Dinner with Abbie and Das at Papa John's..

I also had a quick catch up with Ate Rose before that but we didn't get to take pictures. :)


Going home on a Monday! But first, Tinapa Rice at Mesa for Dinner...

Midnight of my birthday, Rye woke  me up with a birthday song and Cloud 9 birthday cake...


Off to Hidalgo for my Birthday gift! :)

Test Shots :)

Dropped by UP for Moonleaf's Wintermelon Milk Tea and yummy BBQ and Isaw..

Starbucks at Ayala Techno Hub before picking up my parents for dinner..

Dinner at my favorite resto, Cafe Lidia, with family...


Dress day at the office...

... and some Pizza from the September celebrants!

Also celebrating Rjam's Birthday :) 

I was also flooded by birthday messages in FB/Twitter/SMS and got international call and texts from my friends abroad. :)

Happy Birthday to Me! ^__^

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