Forever 21 Sale at MegaMall

Forever 21 opened last July here in the Philippines at SM Megamall, one of the largest shopping malls here in the Philippines. I wasn't able to go at the opening but I've heard and read that it was crazy!

And now they're doing a 50% Off Sale. Imagine what that would bring?!

Payday + Weekend + Megamall + Forever 21 + 50% Off Sale = C-H-A-O-S!

And I am pretty sure about that. Now if you have an SM Advantage, SM Prestige or BDO Rewards Card. You also get to have 10% off on regular items. Wow, right?

Unfortunately, I am broke. I would love to swipe it away but I really have to control myself. Especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. Plus, I don't like crowded places. Even if it's Forever21.

For now, I would just have to be content on viewing their clothes on their Facebook Page

Here's a few of the items on sale that they posted. These are the stuff I would love to have if I would be able to go.

I would love to put these three together...

Orig Price: P 1,175.00

Orig Price: P 428.50

Orig Price: P 1,888.50

This one's lovely...

Orig Price: P 1,688.50

And this one's for those laid back Saturday day outs..

Orig Price: P 1,029.50

Where are you, Fairy God Mother?

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